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North America Standards Meetings

SEMI FPD Standards: Display Standardization Work Complements Semiconductor Efforts

Welcome Jackie Ferrell/ISMI, New Co-Chair North American Regional Standards Committee

NIST Adoption and Economic Impact Study

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From the Director’s Desk

An Incomparable Year

One of the many benefits to the year’s end is the opportunity to reflect on the months gone by and thank all the members of the international standards community for their support, perseverance and expertise.

While SEMI standards activities have been an active part of the industry since 1973, in many ways this has been a remarkable year. The establishment of the Manufacturing Technology Forum (MTF) is the most significant structural change to the SEMI International Standards Program in over a decade. New standards efforts in FPD, nanotechnology, PV, and other areas--and initial standards considerations in 300 Prime--offer exciting potential benefits.

MTF is part of a broader effort to expand and sharpen participation in the international standards process. The over 1500 volunteers who contribute their valuable time, expertise and ingenuity to industry standards need organizational, technical and even financial support to be effective. Because of their collaborative, deliberative nature, standards activities often fail to receive the visibility and credit for the enormous contributions they make to industry growth and profitability. Every one of the over 17 global standards committees is actively engaged in a determined, complex effort to reduce industry costs and produce practical solutions for the entire industry.

For those currently engaged in SEMI international standards, please accept our deepest thanks for your tireless efforts and invaluable contributions. For those not currently participating in standards, join us as we seek collaborative solutions to the most pressing needs of our industry. For all of you, have a happy holiday and a healthy, safe and prosperous new year.

Bettina Weiss

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