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Supiko Mashiro Gives to SEMI Standards...and receives (PDF)

Taking the Long-Term Approach to Developing Standards

Seeking Industry-wide Cooperation Through the MTF with Pati Boucard of KLA-Tencor (Podcast)

Photovoltaic Standards: An Opportunity for Real Win-Win Collaboration

Transitioning from Micro to Nano: Key Factor Standardization

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SEMI Europe Spring Standards Meetings

SEMI to Present at the Annual SES Conference

MEPTEC 5th Annual MEMS Symposium

SESHA 29th Annual International High Tech ESH Symposium

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From the Director’s Desk

Let's Grow the Community

The simple truth is: We need more volunteers and we need your help in recruiting them.

Over the last ten years the semiconductor, FPD and related industries have been undergoing enormous change driven by industry consolidation, globalization and technological progress. These changes have significantly affected the hundreds of industry volunteers worldwide—people just like you—that develop industry standards to help reduce costs and spur innovation. While the need for effective, timely and economically viable standards continues to grow significantly, the number of standards volunteers has declined since 2000 and many of the committees and working groups need increasingly higher levels of specialized knowledge and technical expertise to address the complex issues and opportunities in their fields. To continue our outstanding record of accomplishment and contribution to the industries we serve, more standards volunteers are required. This is certainly true for new and emerging technology areas–photovoltaic, nanotechnology, MEMS and microsystems-but also, and particularly critical, for the next generation of 300 mm semiconductor fabs.

I am asking all committee chairs, task force leaders and all SEMI International Standards participants to personally help us identify and recruit additional standards volunteers to join our mission.

No one understands the technical requirements, benefits, standards opportunities and industry issues—and the people who can contribute their goodwill, energy and expertise to address them—than existing standards volunteers. The people who can really help advance the industry through collaborative effort are your co-workers, colleagues and acquaintances in the industry.

New volunteers bring new ideas, new insights and new ways to approach difficult problems. Look at your committees and determine if important companies, segments and industry voices are fully represented. Review attendance and contributions and ask whether the right people from the right companies are actively participating. Ask a colleague to attend your next standards meeting as a way to expose them to SEMI International Standards and ask for their help on important standards issues. We at SEMI are committed to support you in this effort globally and with all our dedication and global resources. Our community has been a vital force in the growth and profitability of the industry. To continue to contribute at a high level will require that each of us takes an active role in nurturing the community and helping it grow. Let’s all take responsibility for ensuring that our committees, task forces and working groups are as representative, fully-staffed and engaged with the industry as possible. This will not only help existing activities to prosper but also provide the ground work for much needed efforts in related technologies and markets.

From all of us in the SEMI International Standards departments around the world—thank you!

Bettina Weiss


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