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Exploring New Territories—SEMI Standards and the Russian Federation

New Photovoltaic (PV) Standards Committee Approved at ISC Meeting

SEMI Equipment Suppliers Form Special Interest Group

Anti-Counterfeiting Standards Task Force Launched

SEMICON Europa Preview

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Taiwan I&C Standards Committee Meeting at SEMICON Taiwan

Standards Meetings at SEMICON Europa

Celebrate World Standards Day!

4th ISMI Symposium on Manufacturing Effectiveness


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From the Director's Desk

Adapting to Changing Times

A number of recent developments have occurred that demonstrate how responsive, flexible and adaptable the SEMI® International Standards can be to meeting industry needs. The ability to change and adapt is critical, especially in our fast paced industry where both technology and business forces seem to be accelerating.

One aspect of this adaptability is the broadening scope of SEMI International Standards activity. At the recent SEMICON® West, the International Standards Committee (ISC) sanctioned the formation of a European Photovoltaic Standards Committee, based on a strong level of interest and endorsement by companies active in this segment. The inaugural committee is scheduled for September 7 in conjunction with PVSEC in Milan, followed by another meeting at SEMICON Europa. Ideas for the first task force on PV equipment interfaces are already being discussed. If you are interested, please sign up for committee membership here it is only a question of time when North America and Japan will follow suite and make this effort truly global.

Also featured at SEMICON West was a workshop on the important—and expensive—challenge of counterfeit product, followed by the inaugural lmeeting of the brand new Anti-counterfeiting Task Force. The workshop and task force formation are the result of discussions between The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) and the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) on possible solutions to the growing counterfeit device problem.

In addition to a broader scope, the standards process itself has also adapted to changing times. SEMI has established the Manufacturing Technology Forum (MTF) to provide additional oversight and coordination with semiconductor device makers into the industry standards process. The advisory body has improved the SEMI standards process by providing a forum for collective and early understanding and collaboration of user requirements before and during the standards development process. At their SEMICON West meeting, the MTF Advisory Board passed its first three recommendations on Standards initiatives back to the Standards community, thus fulfilling its charter as a review body and a resource to the Standards Program volunteer experts.

Part of this adaptability is an outcome of working more closely with SEMI constituent groups, other industry organizations and other standards bodies. The MTF was established with the support of the International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI), JEITA, individual device manufacturers, and SEMI member companies. The Equipment Supplier Group (ESG) was formed to coordinate equipment suppliers input into MTF and other SEMI activities. The emerging PV standards roadmap is an outcome of the first SEMI Photovoltaic Committee meeting held last September where executives from the PV industry gathered together to discuss where SEMI could contribute most to the growth of the PV industry. The Chemical and Gases Manufacturers Group (CGMG) has contributed greatly to many standards processes, including the ship-to-control standards that may allow shipping materials to end users based on statistical control rather than specifications.

Change is healthy, especially when it is driven by the industry itself in response to new circumstances and requirements. SEMI International Standards will continue to be open to change. And by working closely with other industry groups, other standards organizations, and SEMI constituent, change will be good for everyone.

Bettina Weiss


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