Volume 2, Issue 5




In This Issue for November

SEMI Standards Japan Regional Planning Committee Tackles International Issues

Standards Events at SEMICON Japan

Korean FPD Standards Committee Approves Initiatives on FPD Substrates

SAHTECH and SEMI Make Safety Guidelines Available in Traditional Chinese

SEMI Manufacturing Technology Forum (MTF) Meets at ISMI

Photovoltaics! Call for Participation, New EU PV Committee

Taiwan EHS and Information and Control (I&C) Standards Committees Decide on 2008 Goals

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From the Director's Desk

Standards IP: New Copyright Education and Certification Resources

We all want to protect what's ours—our homes, families, and, yes, our Standards. Standards have become so commonplace, so widely used, referenced, copied and borrowed it's not easy to keep track of their origins.

We recently sent a letter to our member companies and SEMI Standards Program volunteers to advise them there are rights, risks and obligations associated with the use of SEMI Standards—or any copyrighted content, for that matter. The purpose of the letter was to educate users about intellectual property rules in regards to SEMI Standards products.

Did you know, for example, that a downloaded SEMI Standard is for your individual use only and should not be distributed to others? And, it is prohibited to copy and paste content from a SEMI Standard into a company's training material without special permission? If you can't answer these questions confidently with a "yes", help is on the way to protect you, your company and the SEMI Standards program.

SEMI is joining the Intellectual Property (IP) Shield http://www.ip-shield.com as a member company. IP Shield brings together content developers, such as Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs), as well as content consumers, and helps both parties with copyright education and certification resources. IP Shield's founder, John Toth, states "the main reason misuse is so common is due to lack of knowledge, not malicious intent". The company's mission is "education, not litigation"—a constructive, positive approach to compliance which directly supports SEMI's dedication to member and volunteer service.

Beginning in 2008, SEMI staff worldwide will complete IP Shield's online classes and obtain certificates of completion. At the same time, we will make the on-line IP Shield education classes available to you in an effort to provide solid information about how to treat copyrighted material, how your company could be at risk in case of non-compliance and other IP-related issues.

SEMI is excited about this new resource to better serve our members and the many volunteers in the semiconductor and related industries. This is an opportunity to learn how to do the right thing for the common good of global, consensus-based, voluntary standards and safety guidelines. Stay tuned for more information in the next issue of Standards Watch.

Bettina Weiss


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