SEMI Global Update, March 2008
March 2008

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Israel Executive Event on 2-3 April

SEMI Member Forum on 12 June

Reducing Energy and Carbon Footprint at Fabs

On the Move in Russia: Nano, PV, and Semiconductor

Trade Shows and the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Industry

Overseas Equipment Fuels China's Capacity Growth

What a Roller Coaster! Fab capex—2008 Down, 2009 Up

Oral History Interview: Lionel Kattner

Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook

Industry Pioneer Now in the Hall of Fame: Stanley T. Myers

SEMI Hosts Test Advisory Group Workshop

Simplifying the FPD Manufacturing Process

A SEMI High Tech U Graduate Sounds Off

SECS/GEM as the Foundation of "Modern Era" Software Standards

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HIGHLIGHTS: Upcoming European Events

Israel Executive Event in Tel Aviv on 2-3 April
SEMI has organized its 2nd Executive Event in Israel. It's a unique opportunity to learn more about the Israeli semiconductor market, investment opportunities and technology advancements. Discover business insights and meet key people in this rapidly changing Israeli industry.

SEMI Member Forum in Munich on 12 June
"Made in Europe" is our forum theme for 2008. Europe has world-class technology in both semiconductor and photovoltaic. Innovation, flexibility and competitiveness are critical to master the challenges ahead. No Fee.

Reducing Energy and Carbon Footprint at Fabs
By Alex McEachern, Power Standards Lab

Semiconductor tools fabs have always used a lot of energy. But for the last 40 years, increased process throughput and yield has always trumped any considerations of energy efficiency.

On the Move in Russia: Semiconductor, Nano, and PV

Russia is ramping up with increased government support and foreign investments. Angstrem-T has teamed up with AMD to implement a 130-nm CMOS process in a new fab. A Nanotechnology Center in Moscow is in the design stage, and on the PV scene, 10 new polysilicon manufacturing plants are in the works.

Trade Shows and the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Industry
SEMICON trade shows have emerged as a critical component in the purchasing process for every major customer and an essential business activity for nearly all the market leaders. This article will explore why SEMICON trade shows have become—and remain—so essential to the industry.

Overseas Equipment Fuels China's Capacity Growth

By Samuel Ni, SEMI
China's fab capacity growth has been facilitated by capacity transfer. This refers to capacity added through the acquisition or transfer of used equipment from overseas, as opposed to capacity added through new equipment purchase.

Call for Nominations

Bob Graham Award
Nominate a Sales and Marketing Star
Nominations Due: April 29

Akira Inoue Award
For Outstanding Achievement in
Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
Nominations Due: July 25

What a Roller Coaster! Fab capex—2008 Down, 2009 Up
By Christian Dieseldorff, SEMI

After a cycle with positive growth rates for capex for the device makers, we are facing now a huge slow down in 2008. But the next upward cycle is in sight, so memory makers must accelerate capex to gain momentum for a big market to come. Check out who is driving this and why.

Oral History Interview: Lionel Kattner
Interviewed by Craig Addison, SEMI

Lionel Kattner and three others left Fairchild in 1961 to start Signetics, the first company dedicated to making ICs. Kattner tackled many manufacturing problems along the way, but like all pioneers, ended up with a few arrows in his back.

Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook

SEMI and TechSearch International, Inc. have cooperated in the development of the Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook, a comprehensive market research report on the global semiconductor packaging materials markets.

Industry Pioneer Now in the Hall of Fame: Stanley T. Myers

Only a unique group of Silicon Valley visionaries are inducted into the Silicon Valley Engineering Council Hall of Fame. Stan Myers joined this elite group on February 27 and he urged the leaders of today to "inspire the next generation, our leaders of tomorrow."

SEMI Hosts Test Advisory Group Workshop

Seeking input and direction from the Test, Assembly, and Packaging industry segments, SEMI brings executives and thought leaders together to define challenges, opportunities, and the best paths for SEMI support.

Quick Poll:

Which of the following will most accelerate the development of environmentally sustainable fabs?
Accepted industry targets by the Worldwide
Semiconductor Council (WSC),SEMI and
other organizations for energy use reductions
New industry standards and application
guidelines for wafer processing tools, vacuum
pumps, facilities, and other critical areas
Higher energy prices, energy-use taxes,
carbon credit programs, and other economic
incentives that encourage energy efficiency
Unforeseen technological developments
and continued industry innovation

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Simplifying the FPD Manufacturing Process

In a complex world, how does an industry meet and maintain required levels of compatibility while controlling manufacturing cost and improving productivity? SEMI knows.

A SEMI High Tech U Graduate Sounds Off

Sometimes you need to get personal to understand the impact of a program. In 2006, Claudia Musick attended High Tech U, and now she explains how her involvement with the program kept her motivated through some really tough times.

SECS/GEM as the Foundation of "Modern Era" Software Standards
An interview with David Bricker, co-chair for the Information and Control committee and leader of the GEM300 task force. He is also a 2006 recipient of the SEMI Standards Leadership Award.

Calendar of Events

Photovoltaic Fab Managers Forum (PV FMF)
9–11 March

Silicon Saxony Day 2008
18–19 March

9th European Advanced Equipment Control/Advanced Process Control (AEC/APC) Conference
31 March–2 April

SEMI Executive Event in Israel
2–3 April

SEMICON Russia 2008
2–4 June

SEMI Member Forum
12 June

9th UCPSS-Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces
22–24 September

SEMICON Europa 2008
7–9 October

FPD China 2008
March 11–13

SEMICON China 2008
March 18–20

CSMIC 2008
March 19–20

Global FPD Partners Conference 2008
April 9–12

SEMICON Singapore 2008
May 5–7

North America
"Empowering the Silicon Revolution" (SEMI/CHF event)
April 1–2

NA Standards Spring Meetings
April 6–10

Strategic Business Conference
April 28–30

Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC)
May 5–7

Fundamentals of Product Marketing
May 14–16

Principles of Selling to the Semiconductor Industry
May 21–23


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