Volume 4, Issue 2


In This Issue for August 2009

Standards Awards Winners at SEMICON West 2009

SEMI F47: Increased Power Quality Concerns in Chinese Fabs

Korea Proposal for Equipment Cleanliness

MEMS Microfluidic Standards

Taiwan PV Standards Committee Formed

New Regulations Changes Approved

North America Standards Fall 2009 Meetings

SEMIViews Provides Online Access to Standards

SEMI E10 for Equipment RAM Update

Japan Regional Standards Committee Planning Meeting

Call for Nominations for SEMI Europe Standards Awards

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From the Director's Desk
James Amano

Value of Standards Equates to Technical Expertise

As part of our continuous effort to recruit new members to contribute to Standards development, SEMI Standards leadership and staff often refer to the numerous studies that quantify the benefits of Standards in economic terms. Organizations such as DIN, NIST, and the UK Department of Trade and Industry have all conducted studies that show the economic advantages of Standards, and show that companies that participate in Standards development often benefit from having a head start on their competitors in adapting to market demands and new technologies.

While these studies are useful, another metric of the value of Standards can be seen by the turnout of technical experts at our meetings. While all of the industries served by SEMI have been impacted by the current economic downturn, Standardization efforts are continuing at an impressive pace. Our recent meetings at SEMICON West saw over 200 attendees from 10 countries, and the total registered membership of the Standards Program is nearing 2,500 participants from almost 1,000 interests in over 40 countries.

Perhaps more significant than the membership numbers is the integration of new regions into SEMI Standards activities. I'm pleased to announce that a new PV Standards Committee has been approved in Taiwan, a TF has been formed in the Facilities Committee based on a proposal from Korea, and awareness and usage of SEMI Standards is picking up in China. Also, the Taiwan FPD Metrology committee recently issued its first letter ballots.

Of course, Standards are most useful when they represent the consensus of the global industry. If your company is active in the semiconductor, FPD, MEMS, or PV industries, please ensure that your technical experts are registered for the Standards Program. For more information on global Standards activities, please contact your local Standards staff, and to register, please visit: semi.org/standardsmembership.

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