April 2010

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From the SEMI Europe President: Let's Get the EU on the Right Track

Coming Soon: The Ox-Chip Made in Brazil

Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Targets High-Growth, High-Value Markets

Oerlikon Solar Sees U.S. "Poised" to Become Largest Market in World by 2012

European Solar Cell Manufacturers Form Crystalline Cell Technology & Manufacturing Group

Time for A Reality Check

PV Standards Update: Annual Europe Strategy Meeting; First PV Water Standard

The Future of Test Equipment: Facing Complex Challenges

From the SEMI® Europe President

Heinz Kundert, President, SEMI EuropeLet's Get the EU on the Right Track

On 3 March, EU Commission President Barroso talked about "Europe 2020," and specifically what we need to do to get Europe "back on track" after the economic crisis. Barroso talked about innovation as the key to smart and sustainable growth for the EU. But innovation is not enough. We need to focus again on manufacturing, which ultimately creates local jobs and contributes to GDP.

Barroso stressed the importance of building an economy based on knowledge and innovation. The Commission proposed a target for driving innovation: 3% of the EU's gross domestic product should be invested in research and development R&D efforts. In addition, they have proposed seven innovation initiatives, and SEMI Europe has taken a stance on five of these initiatives... (more)

Heinz Kundert

SEMICON Europa 2010

Coming Soon: The "Ox-Chip" Made in Brazil
By Christian Gregor Dieseldorff, SEMI Industry Research & Statistics
Just two weeks before the world-famous Carnaval, Brazil's president inaugurated CEITEC's Front End fab in Porto Alegre. The CEITEC fab is the first and only semiconductor front-end fab in Central and South America.

Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Targets High-Growth, High-Value Markets
Dr. Ulrich Schumacher, CEO and president of Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing, provided a "standing room only" audience with detailed insights and plans into the IC foundry's strategic priorities and technology mix as part of the keynote address at SEMICON China.

Oerlikon Solar Sees U.S. "Poised" to Become Largest Market in World by 2012
By Dr. Chris Constantine, Oerlikon Solar
Speaking before a packed audience at SOLARCON Korea in February, Dr. Constantine said the fastest growing PV segment will be the distributed generation utility segment (under 20MW) with new utility project models, growing financing support, and growing public policy support to help accelerate growth.

LED Industry Set to Enter Fast Growth Stage in 2010
By Clark Tseng, SEMI Industry Research & Statistics, Taiwan
The LED industry has garnered a lot of attention, prompting the rapid expansion and substantial investment by LED-related equipment and material suppliers globally. MOCVD equipment makers and substrate suppliers are gearing up for expansion this year to fulfill rising demand from LED makers.

SEMICON Europa 2010 Call for Papers
Speaking opportunities available for semiconductor front-end/back-end and MEMS. Deadline extended to 30 April.

SEMI Standards Awards Call for Nominations Open
Nominate your peers active in Standards development!

European Solar Cell Manufacturers Form Crystalline Cell Technology and Manufacturing Group
SEMI PV Group Europe announced the formation of a new European group for crystalline solar cells. This group of eight leading crystalline solar cell manufacturers is working together in a pre-competitive environment to address the technology challenges facing the PV industry.

Time for A Reality Check
By Malcolm Penn, Future Horizons
Results from this 40-page report show the underlying industry recovery trend, with IC sales up 4.8 percent versus December (on a 5-week month adjusted basis). They were also up 73.7 percent versus January 2009. Sales in 2010 could grow a staggering 40 percent on 2009. This illustrates the strength of the recovery from the abyss this time last year.

PV Standards Update: Annual Europe Strategy Meeting; First PV Water Standard
PV standards development is now underway in Europe, North America, Japan, and Taiwan. Standards development is a proven method to overcome shared challenges. This article reviews PV Standards progress in the last month, including European Standards activities and the new PV3-0310: Guide for High Purity Water Used in Photovoltaic Cell Processing.

The Future of Test Equipment: Facing Complex Challenges
Where is the ATE industry heading? As Moore's law continues to move forward with denser, faster, and highly heterogeneous devices, the challenges associated with test seem to expand exponentially. Learn more at ATE Vision 2020 at SEMICON West.

SEMI Calls for IP Infringement Examples

SEMI visited the European Commission (EC) where SEMI members presented issues they have confronted in Patent Law, Patent Jurisdiction and Trade Secret Law in specific countries, but the EC responded that there were too few actual problems declared to consider this a widespread issue. The EC will look into the matter and meet us again if we can provide additional examples of such deficits in specific countries.

If your company has experienced a problem in Law and/or Jurisdiction, please contact Carlos Lee (clee@semi.org). Information received will be treated with confidentiality and the feedback made anonymous prior to sharing with the EC and the SEMI IP committee.


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