September 2010

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From the SEMI President: Member Needs Shape New SEMI Structure

Over 150 Fab Projects Lead to Strong 2010 and 2011

"This Rebound is Different"

NREL Supports Feed-in Tariffs Best Practices

Technical Advances, Emerging Applications at SEMICON Europa

Over EUR 300 Million of Relevant EU Funding for SEMI / PV Group Members

Touch Technologies to Soar in the Coming Decade

SEMI Fights New EU RoHS Proposal

Advocating for Semiconductor Manufacturing Supply Chain in the EU

New Standards Committees Formed in Korea

SEMI Europe welcomes new members

ITPC to Address "Transforming the Industry"

Call for Participants: Secondary Equipment and Services Research

From the SEMI® President

Stanley Myers, SEMI President and CEOMember Needs Shape New SEMI Structure
SEMI Reorganization Addresses Increasing Complexity and Diversity of SEMI Member Needs
A lot has changed at SEMI in the last ten years. Two critical transformations come to mind: SEMI members are increasingly diverse and the markets that we serve have become incredibly wide-ranging. Modern silicon manufacturing technology is no longer limited to ICs. The science used to make microchips is enabling advances in solar cells, high-brightness LEDs, fuel cells, micro-machines, medical devices, and a growing array of new products built on semiconductor technology...

Three New Business Units
The three new business units will be responsible for developing and delivering member services on a global basis through SEMI regional offices... (more)

Stanley Myers

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Over 150 Fab Projects Lead to Strong 2010 and 2011
More Equipment Spending and Installed Capacity
By Christian Gregor Dieseldorff, SEMI Industry Research and Statistics
Analysis of the latest edition of the SEMI World Fab Forecast indicates a 133 percent increase in equipment spending for Front End fabs this year and about 18 percent growth in 2011.

"This Rebound is Different"
Market Booms but Analysts See Signs of Caution
As the semiconductor capital equipment and materials market enjoys nearly unprecedented year-over-year growth, many industry analysts see signs of caution on the horizon.

NREL Supports Feed-in Tariffs Best Practices
By Dan Martin, Executive Vice President, PV Group
A new report from NREL provides further momentum to the idea that feed-in tariff policies are the most effective way to encourage PV adoption in the US.

Technical Advances, Business Strategy and Emerging Applications at SEMICON Europa
By Heinz Kundert, president, SEMI Europe
The semiconductor industry has been a wild ride the last couple of years. While it's true that cyclical spending patterns are a unique attribute of the semiconductor industry, the IC supply chain has endured wide swings in capital spending.

SEMICON Europa 2010

Over EUR 300 Million of Relevant EU Funding for SEMI / PV Group Members
The European Commission NMP work programme 2011 has a budget of EUR 300 million (up from 98 million in 2010) in addition to EUR 130 million for PPPs (Public Private Partnerships).

Touch Technologies to Soar in the Coming Decade
By Tom Morrow, EVP, SEMI Global Emerging Markets Group
Driven by sales of smart phones, tablet computers, ebooks and other devices, touch technologies will rise by a factor of seven in the next three years-- creating many new business opportunities.

SEMI Fights the Worst Case Scenario from New EU RoHS Proposal
Nearly a decade ago, the EU enacted legislation to restrict the use of six hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. What's happening now?

Advocating for Semiconductor Manufacturing Supply Chain in the EU
During the last 25 years, the world economy has been touched by a revolution. The "knowledge-based" economy and the extensive use of advanced electronic devices have become the engine of the economic growth and a key element to boosting the productivity and the efficiency in both industrial and service sectors.

Enter the IC Industry Awards 2010
Closing Date September 17th

New Facilities, Information & Control Standards Committees Formed in Korea
Although Korea has long been a leader in developing Standards for the global FPD industry, activity is now picking up in semiconductor-related areas.

SEMI Europe Welcomes New Members:
Renishaw, 40-3, IEF, Vision Components GmbH, BEST Fluidsysteme, DHL Global Forwarding, TUV Intercert GmbH, Neuro Technology ME Fze, Berliner Glas.

ITPC to Address "Transforming the Industry through Innovative Solutions and Collaboration"
The International Trade Partners Conference (Nov 8-10 in Hawaii) has a stellar reputation for bringing together industry leaders to collaborate on the compelling issues that face the industry. Join us: click here.

Call for Participants: Secondary Equipment and Services Research
SEMI/SESTG has teamed up with Semico Research Corp. to deliver up-to-date data and reports on the Secondary Equipment Market. For more information, click here.

12 technology courses, in partnership with CEI


Europe Events
Europe Fall 2010 Standards Meetings
18-21 October

19-21 October 2010

ISS Europe
27 Feb - 1 March 2011

31 May-1 June 2011

Intersolar Europe
8-10 June 2011

Call for Proposals
European Research Metrology Programme
Due 11 October 2010

Asia Events
September 8-10

PV Taiwan 2010
October 26-28

Beijing International Microelectronics Symposium
November 4-5

SEMI Japan Standards Meetings
November 14-17

North America Events
SEMI New England Committee Presents Manufacturing Opportunities and Challenges for 22nm
September 29

SEMI Austin Golf Classic 2010
October 27

KGD Packaging & Test Workshop 2010: KGD and The Road to Finer Geometries
October 28-29

International Trade Partners Conference
November 8-10

Fundamentals of Product Marketing
October 13-15

Principles of Selling to the Semiconductor Industry
October 19-21

Key Semiconductor Account Selling and Management
November 1-3

Combating Aggressive Supply Chain Management
November 16

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