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  Taiwan Semiconductor Industry to Maintain Growth
  By Clark Tseng, SEMI
The continuous investment in leading edge technologies from Taiwan semiconductor companies paves the way for further growth in the years to come.
  The Big Picture: More than 850 Volume Fabs in 2017
  850 Volume Fabs
  By Christian Dieseldorff and Lara Chamness, SEMI
It’s important to pull back and look at the major trends that have profoundly changed and are reshaping our industry.


  450mm Central: Your Industry Resource for News and Information
     Stay informed as you transition to 450mm ready solutions with industry news, product announcements, perspectives on 450mm wafer processing, technology information and more.
  May 2015 Fab Database Released
  Chart Icon   This release lists new fabs/lines that consist of 36 construction projects with investment totaling over $5.6B in 2015. The database also list 20 construction projects with investments of over $7.5B in 2016.
  SEMI China Market Central
  Your source for navigating the unfolding China market dynamics.