SEMI Award for North America

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About the SEMI Award

Each year, SEMI publicly recognizes and honors technological and industrial leadership through the SEMI Award North America program. There are two distinctions for the Awards made within this program.

The awards program was established in 1979 to recognize enabling technical contributions by individuals and teams to the microelectronics industry. The enabling technological contributions to the microelectronics industry can be as broad as Integrated Circuit Design, Design for Manufacturability (DFM), new mask manufacturing methods, new device manufacturing architecture and methods and the assembly and test of integrated circuits and microelectromechanical (MEMS) devices.

In 2009, SEMI announced its first significant change by expanding criteria to include outstanding achievements in developing new and emerging technologies expected to have significant future value to the semiconductor industry. This change in criteria broadens the scope of the SEMI Award to recognize technology developments including semiconductors, photovoltaic solar displays and solid state lighting.

The highest honor achievable through the 2,000 member trade organization SEMI, is the Lifetime Achievement Award. The Honor is reserved for those individuals who repeatedly enable and lead the industry, technologically, throughout their professional career. See the following link "SEMI Award for North America recipients list"


Nominations for the Award are submitted by SEMI North America member companies.

To submit a Nomination for 2014, please click 2014 SEM Award for North America Nomination form

Nomination Guidelines

Your nomination will be reviewed and selected by the SEMI Award for North America committee. Nominations for the 2014 SEMI Award for North America must be submitted by August 30, 2014 to be considered.

2013 SEMI Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2013 SEMI Award Recipients.  The Award was presented to two teams.  The team from Xilinx  was recognized for commercialization of the silicon interposer which provides more than two orders of magnitude increase in die-to-die bandwidth per watt. This achievement effectively addressed both challenges of decreasing power and increasing bandwidth for advanced digital ICs. It also decreased latency to only 20 percent for standard input/output connections. Initially announced in 2011 and first shipped in 2012, the incorporation of a silicon interposer, also called 2.5D technology, delivers performance and power requirements dramatically improved compared to standard packaging.

Team members include:

  • Grigor Gasparyan
    Principal Engineer, Xilinx
  • Liam Madden
    Corporate VP, Xilinx
  • Steve Trimberger
    Fellow, Xilinx
  • Suresh Ramalingam
    Senior Director, Package Design and Advanced Technology Development, Xilinx
  • Steve Young
    Fellow, Xilinx
  • Trevor Bauer
    Senior Director, Xilinx
  • Kumar Nagarajan**
    Director, Package Development Engineering
    Maxim Integrated
** formerly with Xilinx


Liam Madden accepted the SEMI Award on behalf of the team.In the photo are Karen Savala,
President of SEMI Americas and Bill Bottoms, Chairman of the SEMI Award Commitee.

Ther 2013 SEMI Award wss also presented to Mark Law and Kevin Jones from the University of Florida. The team of Mark and Kevin developed a cornerstone of the modern era of computational modeling of CMOS fabrication process with the Florida Object-Oriented Process Simulator (FLOOPS) which was introduced in 1990. FLOOPS has developed into a widely used, flexible code for multi-dimensional modeling for advanced IC fabrication processes.  The proliferation of the use of FLOOPS as a vital component of process development activities enabled the continued advances in CMOS transistor performance throughout the last decade. The 3D nature of FLOOPS proved especially valuable as CMOS transistor design shifted from planar to multi-gate forms.

From Left to RIght: Denny McGuirk, President and CEO, SEMI, Michael Current, SEMI Award
Member; Kevin Jones, Univerity of Florida; Mark Law, University of Florida and SEMI Awards
Committee Chairman William Bottoms.

Press Release

SEMI Award for North America Recipients List

2014 SEMI Awards for North America Committee

W. R. Bottoms (Chairman)
Third Millennium Test Solutions
 Joseph Monkowski
Pivotal Systems
Michael Current
Current Scientific
 Terry Francis
Michael Garner
Garner Nanotechnology Solutions
Martin Giles