The Fundamentals of Mixed Signal Testing

The Fundamentals of Mixed Signal Testing – Reference Manual, includes DSP software

By Soft Test ©2002

This reference book explains the concepts and methodologies of testing mixed-signal devices using ATE equipment. It introduces the instrumentation of a mixed-signal test system, with special emphasis on digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities. Designed for analog and mixed-signal engineers, it delves into the mathematics necessary to fully understand signal sampling and waveform synthesis. Specifications for mixed-signal devices are discussed and the method of verifying each individual parameter is explained in detail

In Addition, key topics include:

  • The testing of digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters, including the step-by-step process
  • Device conditioning, analog filtering, grounding issues and noise effects

To ensure a complete understanding of the concepts presented, the book uses Virtual Test Instrumentation. Each manual comes with one copy of the Soft Test DSP Lab simulation software from Microsoft Windows. The DSP Lab software provides actual “Hands On” learning and demonstrates the principles of sampling. Fourier series, sinusoidal waveforms, FFT/DFT/Inverse Fourier transforms, signal generation and other mixed-signal testing concepts.

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