Silicon Run : Deposition

Silicon Run: Deposition

By Silicon Run Productions ©1998

Running Time: 31 minutes

Format: English DVD or VHS

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This highly focused video provides an in-depth look at the deposition process in semiconductor manufacturing. It includes industrial footage and animation to explore the specific details of thin film deposition in CMOS fabrication. It also covers chemical and physical deposition reactions through the use of live manufacturing footage to feature the four basic techniques used to deposit thin films: growth process, chemical vapor deposition, spin on deposition, and physical vapor deposition.

Topics Include:

  • Raw Material Elements
  • Silicon Dioxide Film
  • Silicon Nitride Film
  • Planarization Field Oxide
  • Poly Silicon Gates
  • Transistor Insulation
  • Circuit Wiring

Appropriate for students and semiconductor industry professionals of all experience levels. This film is ideally suited for corporate training of new hires and non-technical personnel.

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