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Europe leads PV uptake charts as global growth continues
(EETE Power Management Design, Mar 30)

Why Intel is considering acquiring Altera?
(Evertiq, Mar 30)

UMC begins construction of 12-inch fab in Xiamen
(Digitimes, Mar 30)

Chemists make new silicon-based nanomaterials
(Nanotechnology Now, Mar 27)

Behind the Scenes at the Nanosys Quantum Dot Factory in Silicon Valley
(IEEE Spectrum, Mar 27)

Study identifies the challenges facing large-scale deployment of solar photovoltaics
(Phys.Org, Mar 27)

Auto chip market: upheaval ahead
(EE Times Europe, Mar 27)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts February 2015 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.02
(EMS Now, Mar 26)

Intel takes aim at the mobile market - again
(Phys.Org, Mar 26)

Speaking IoT In Many Languages
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 26)

LED manufacturers gather for LED Taiwan
(Compound Semiconductor, Mar 25)

Correcting the gender balance: Intel in Malaysia
(Computer World Singapore, Mar 25)

New process could make gallium arsenide cheaper for computer chips, solar cells
(Phys.Org, Mar 25)

NXP and GlobalFoundries announce production of 40nm embedded non-volatile memory technology
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Mar 24)

Tactile internet: 5G and the Cloud on steroids
(The Institution of Engineering and Technolog, Mar 24)

Pointing the way forward in the fight against counterfeiting
(New Electronics, Mar 24)

EUV Makes Headway At Last
(EE Times Blogs, Mar 24)

Former SMIC CEO to set up 12-inch wafer plant in Shanghai
(Digitimes, Mar 24)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts February 2015 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.02
(U.S. Tech Interactive, Mar 24)

Manufacturing Bits: March 24
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 24)

TSMC: Rise of the “Phantom Node”
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 23)

3 Key IoT Benchmarks
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 23)

Taiwan semiconductor makers unaffected by water shortages
(Digitimes, Mar 20)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts February 2015 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.02
(Press Release Point, Mar 19)

Fab Capacity Shortages
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 19)

Issues And Options At 5nm
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 19)

3D Effects At 20nm And Beyond
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 19)

Searching For 3D Metrology
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 19)

Challenges Mount For Patterning And Masks
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 19)

ATE: The Road Ahead
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 19)

SEMI reports 2014 global semiconductor equipment sales of $37.5 billion
(Display Plus, Mar 18)

NXP-Freescale merger to result in world’s eighth largest chip maker
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Mar 18)

14 Views of the Open Power Summit
(Electronic Engineering Times, Mar 18)

Rudolph JetStep Lithography System Gains Traction for Advanced Packaging Applications
(Press Release Point, Mar 10)

Thin film technology makes artificial leaves more robust
(The Institution of Engineering and Technolog, Mar 10)

New formula for identifying suitable graphene substrate
(Nanowerk, Mar 10)

Patented process builds better semiconductors, improves electronic devices
(Science Daily, Mar 09)

Intel calls for 3D IC
(EE Times Europe, Mar 09)

NXP to Focus on All CMOS Radar Future
(Electronic Engineering Times, Mar 09)

Conflict Minerals – an exercise in complexity
(EMS Now, Mar 09)

SEMICON Russia 2015 Presents Microelectronics Market Conference and New TechARENA Sessions
(EMS Now, Mar 09)

French chip tech centre offers 3D silicon to universities
(Electronics Weekly, Mar 09)

A New Infrastructure For The IoE
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 09)

MIG Takes a Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves Approach with Revamped MEMS/Sensors Technical Event – MIG welcomes technologists to MEMS Technical Congress, emphasizes working groups and breakout sessions on emerging MEMS & sensors, tech transfer and integration
(Nanotechnology Now, Mar 06)

Monolith relocates from New York to Texas following X-FAB partnership
(Semiconductor Today, Mar 06)

SMIC gearing up for 28nm production
(Digitimes, Mar 06)

Fan-out wafer level packaging fills gap to 3D, says Yole
(EE Times Europe, Mar 05)

Intel Calls for 3D IC
(EE Times Blogs, Mar 04)

Intel honors 21 companies with Preferred Quality Supplier and Achievement Awards
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Mar 04)

SPIE Advanced Lithography conference concludes
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Feb 27)

Intel Buys Its Way Deeper Into China
(Bloomberg, Feb 26)

18 Views of ISSCC
(Electronic Engineering Times, Feb 26)

IP Market Booms At Advanced Nodes
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 26)

First Time Success And Cost Control
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 26)

A ten year roadmap for graphene and related materials
(Graphene-info, Feb 26)

Technologists focus on semiconductor factory productivity and process solutions
(Congoo News, Feb 25)

Metrology tool
(SPIE, Feb 25)

The European nanotechnology roadmap for graphene
(Nanowerk, Feb 24)

TSMC to Start 10nm in 2017, Closing Gap with Intel
(Electronic Engineering Times, Feb 24)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts January 2015 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.03
(EMS Now, Feb 24)

KLA-Tencor extends 5D patterning control solution with overlay and film process control systems
(Semiconductor Today, Feb 24)

Manufacturing Bits: Feb. 24
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 24)

Who offers best MEMS, sensor application?
(EE Times Europe, Feb 23)

Fever alarm armband: A wearable, printable, temperature sensor
(Nanowerk, Feb 23)

Imec gets closer to directed self-assembly
(Electronics Weekly, Feb 23)

Semiconductor works better when hitched to graphene
(Phys.Org, Feb 20)

Will 10nm Be The Last Big Node?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 19)

The Power Of Collaboration: Solutions For Improving Manufacturing
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 19)

How To Extend Litho Scaling
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 19)

5 Disruptive Mask Technologies
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 19)

Call for Papers Open for SEMICON Europa 2015 and Plastic Electronics 2015
(Press Release Point, Feb 18)

M+W Group to shutter German semiconductor, PV unit
(PV Magazine, Feb 17)

A giant increase in conductivity measured when a semiconductor is submitted to high pressure
(Nanowerk, Feb 17)

TSMC invests heavily to meet demand and beat competition
(Evertiq, Feb 17)

Opportunity to participate in European research projects
(Press Release Point, Feb 17)

Manufacturing Bits: Feb. 17
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 17)

Silicon wafer shipments reach record levels in 2014
(Display Plus, Feb 16)

China: PV installed capacity grows to almost 30 GW in 2014
(PV Magazine, Feb 16)

China: PV installed capacity grows 60% in 2014
(PV Magazine, Feb 16)

Scientists go to great lengths to extend superlow friction
(Phys.Org, Feb 13)

Silver-glass sandwich structure acts as inexpensive color filter
(Phys.Org, Feb 13)

ASE to create more than 6,500 jobs in northern Taiwan
(Digitimes, Feb 13)

SMIC receives investment from China IC Industry Investment Fund
(Digitimes, Feb 13)

With Responsibility Comes Power
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 12)

Who Pays For EDA Shift Left?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 12)

Reliability Definition Is Changing
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 12)

Nanorobots Must Self Repair
(Electronic Engineering Times, Feb 11)

Cutting fab costs and turn-around time with smart, automated resource management
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jan 30)

Bigger Systems, Bigger Profits
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 29)

New Market Expectations For 2015
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 29)

First Look: 10nm
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 29)

Soitec launches second generation of eSI RF-SOI substrates, targeting LTE Advanced
(Semiconductor Today, Jan 28)

New Edition of the International Technology Roadmap for PV (ITRPV) to be released in China
(Press Release Point, Jan 26)

NA Semicon Equipment Orders Hit $1.37B in December 2014
(PCB007, Jan 26)

About 70% of Taiwan PV makers to temporarily quit US market due to ITC judgment
(Digitimes, Jan 26)

Silicon Catalyst: Semiconductor Incubator
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 26)

Tech Talk: Photomask Challenges
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 22)

Trion-induced negative photoconductivity in a 2D semiconductor
(SPIE, Jan 22)

Fab Tool R&D And Ramen Noodles
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 22)

The Semiconductor Future Looks Bright!
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 22)

Semiconductors By The Numbers
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 22)

Next Channel Materials?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 22)

Graphene brings quantum effects to electronic circuits
(Science Daily, Jan 21)

IFTLE 225 IEEE 3DIC – Cork: The Thermal Impact of TSVs – reexamined; Parylene: an IFTLE alternative opinion
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jan 20)

Underdog DRAM
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 20)

System Bits: Jan. 20
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 20)

MEMS Group Targets IoT
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 19)

Two Companies Honored with SEMI Award: ASE for Advancements in Copper Wire Bonds; Brewer Science for Coatings Used in Optical Lithography
(EMS Now, Jan 19)

Will 2015 be the key year for graphene?
(Electronics Weekly, Jan 19)

Better solar panels and printed electronics with new material discovery
(Solar Energy News, Jan 19)

7 Takeaways From ISS 2015
(EE|Times, Jan 16)

Solving an organic semiconductor mystery
(Science Daily, Jan 16)

FeFET to extend Moore's law
(EE Times Europe, Jan 16)

Zinc-oxide Nanostructures Could Help Power Wearables
(IEEE Spectrum, Jan 15)

ASE Honored with SEMI Award for Advancement in Copper Wire Bonding Technology
(Press Release Point, Jan 15)

Gartner predicts a softer chip market in 2015
(EE Times Europe, Jan 15)

TSMC Selling ASML Stake for $1.5 Billion as Lockup Period Ends
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Jan 15)

What Will Change In Design For 2015?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 15)

Designing For Automotive
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 15)

Two companies honored with SEMI Award
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 14)

China to Write $10B Check for Chips
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 14)

Further growth seen for semiconductor equipment and materials at SEMI ISS 2015
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 14)

OLED tail lights shown on BMW M4 concept car
(+Plastic Electronics, Jan 13)

Wonder material silicene still stands just out of reach
(Science Daily, Jan 12)

PV Talk: A steady return to health for PV tool manufacturers
(Pv Tech, Jan 12)

CES 2015: MEMS that Wearables/IoT Need
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 12)

MEMS summit launched in Europe
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jan 12)

China holds 9 spots among top-50 fabless IC firms, says IC Insights
(Digitimes, Jan 12)

Atomic placement of elements counts for strong concrete (w/video)
(Nanowerk, Jan 09)

Air Products to Host Webinar on Technology for Controlling VOC Emissions
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Jan 09)

Weak yen spurs Japan electronics firms to bring production home
(Reuters US News, Jan 09)

10nm FD-SOI, SOI FinFETs at IEDM 2014
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jan 08)

CES 2015: 10 best car tech features and gadgets
(NY Daily News, Jan 08)

SEMICON West 2015: “Call for Papers” for Semiconductor Technology Symposium and TechXPOTs
(U.S. Tech Interactive, Jan 08)

Spotlight on MEMS: SEMI launches new European MEMS Summit
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 07)

SEMICON West 2015: “Call for Papers” for Semiconductor Technology Symposium and TechXPOTs
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 07)

CES 2015: The five biggest stories from this year's show
(International Business Times UK, Jan 07)

IFLE 222 2014F IC Sales; SMIC joins group Acquiring StatsChipPAC; China to become a Consolidation “Predator”?
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jan 05)

Tri-axis accelerometers go thinner
(EDN, Jan 05)

How Apple Could Drive 3D Printing
(, Jan 05)

Photonics and the Internet of Things
(Laser Focus World, Jan 03)

Your guide to surviving the Consumer Electronics Show
(VentureBeat, Jan 03)

FlexTech Lauds Gov't Approval of Flex Hybrid Electronics
(PCB007, Jan 02)

15-in-15: Analog, MEMS and sensor startups to watch in 2015
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jan 02)

From VR Gear to Quantum-Dot TVs: What to Expect at CES 2015
(Wired, Jan 02)

Technologies to watch in 2015
(Electronics Weekly, Jan 02)

2015: Year of the Air-Quality Sensor
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 01)

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