SEMI® Semiconductor Market Research and Market Reports

Market research reports are a vital tool for every corporation as they guide you in making important investment and strategic decisions. SEMI offers market data and research reports covering semiconductor capital equipment, semiconductor materials, semiconductor packaging materials, and semiconductor fabs. We also offer reports by third-party research firms thus providing additional info for various emerging and growing technologies.

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SEMI® International Standards

SEMI standards are written documents in the form of specifications, guides, test methods, terminology, practices, etc. These documents are published in the 16 volume set of SEMI International Standards. SEMI standards cover every aspect of photovoltaic and semiconductor manufacturing.

Companies using standards can decrease manufacturing costs, increase reliability and productivity, and access global markets. In addition, standards increase industry efficiency by reducing/eliminating duplication of efforts, defining new markets, and promoting competition by lowering barriers to entry.

Most Popular Standards

Safety GuidelinesSafety GuidelinesEquip. AutomationPhotovoltaicSafety Guidelines

     SEMI S2     S8       semi E10     SEMI PV2   SEMI S14     

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Training and Reference Materials

SEMI offers a variety of training and reference materials for the semiconductor professional. We offer training videos, reference books, and industry posters.

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