Industry Strategy Symposium 2017

January 8–11, 2017
The Ritz-Carlton
Half Moon Bay, California USA

Major developments are shaking up the semiconductor industry. Disruptive changes will bring new winners and leave others behind.  M&A’s continue on all fronts. To keep winning and make sure your business plan and forecasts remain on target, you’ll need to check the new year pulse of customers, competitors, and peers to get a sense of what’s real and what’s not.

Call it a reality check. That’s what SEMI ISS is all about: informative, insider presentations from today’s leading analysts, researchers, and economists, as well as key technology players from across the supply chain. SEMI’s ISS is an exclusive event that puts you in touch with new opportunities, potential partners, and most all, vital intelligence to help you navigate the changing playing field.

A NEW LANDSCAPE: Consolidation of device maker, equipment companies and materials suppliers as well as China’s efforts to establish a homegrown semiconductor supply chain are redrawing the map. Will IoT live up to its hype?  What will be the next demand driver?  How will the new U.S. administration handle merger approvals, trade relations, and STEM funding in the face of the new competitive landscape?

PROFITABLE OPPORTUNITIES: Smart Manufacturing, Big Data, Autonomous Cars, Immersive Virtual Reality, MedTech, and, of course, China. There’s growth here, but who will benefit? Will it be traditional modes or emerging technology nodes? An expanding IoT ecosystem will drive demand for investments in cloud storage, security, and new devices. And new technologies like sub-10nm DRAM will lead to expensive and risky R&D bets.

TOUGH QUESTIONS: An industry in transition raises critical questions: Do you need to ramp up capacity to take advantage of emerging opportunities? Race to next technology nodes? Invest more in China or manufacture there? Wil EUV lithography finally arrive, or will the industry double-double down on multiple patterning?  The bets only get bigger; find out here who might blink and where that leaves you.

The challenges are many, the investments enormous, and the pressure to show profitability and growth is greater than ever. The industry shakeout means businesses will need new survival skills — greater differentiation and more collaboration. SEMI ISS 2017 connects it for you.

Opening Keynote Speaker:

  Diane Bryant
  Executive Vice President and General Manager, Data Center Group
  Intel Corporation



Confirmed Speakers

  • Mike Corbett, Managing Partner, Linx  Consulting

  • Shawn DuBravac, Ph.D. Chief Economist, Consumer  Technology Association 

  • Matt Gertken, Ph.D, Associate Editor, BCA Research 

  • Dario Gil, Ph.D., Vice President, Science and Solutions, IBM Research

  • James Hines, Research Director, Gartner

  • G. Dan Hutcheson, CEO and Chtairman, VLSI Research 

  • Handel Jones, Ph.D. Founder and CEO, International Business Strategies

  • Robert Maire, President, Semiconductor Advisors

  • Om Nalamasu, Ph.D, Senior VP, Chief Technology Officer, Applied Materials 

  • Prasad  Sabada, Senior Director, Operations, Google

  • An Steegen, Ph.D. VP Process Technology Development, imec

  • Christopher Thomas, Partner, McKinsey & Company

  • Paul Thomas, Ph.D., Chief Economist, Intel

  • Yoshikazu  Yamaguchi, Offiicer andGeneral Manager, JSR 

  • Doug Yu, Ph.D., Senior Director, Integrated Interconnect and Packaging Technology, TSMC

  • Pallavi Madakasira, Analyst, Lux Research

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Who Should Attend 

The Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) is an executive conference developed for senior executives from the semiconductor and emerging technology industries.

           - Chairmen
           - CEO
           - President
           - Executive Vice President
           - Other Senior Executives
           - Financial Analysts
           - Consulting firms
           -  Market Researchers 

Industry Strategy Symposium Committee

SEMI would like to thank the ISS 2017 Organizing Committee for their outstanding contributions in developing the agenda and direction for the upcoming conference.

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