SEMI / ISMI / ESIA / SESHA Webcast: Implications of the EU REACH Article 33 Requirements for the Semiconductor Industry (April 2009)

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SEMI / ISMI / ESIA / SESHA Webcast: Implications of the EU REACH Article 33 Requirements for the Semiconductor Industry (April 2009)

Description and Overview

Article 33 of the EU REACH Regulation is challenging the global semiconductor industry in new ways. This webcast provided an overview of the requirements and summarize possible impacts to SEMI, ISMI, and ESIA members and industry partners. Speakers provided suggestions for compliance approaches.

Date and Time

The Webcast took place on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 and lasted two (2) hours.


Webcast co-sponsors included:

  • ESIA – European Semiconductor Industry Association
  • ISMI – International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative
  • SEMI – Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International
  • SESHA – Semiconductor Environmental Safety & Health Association

Speakers / Panelists / Moderators

Webcast speakers included the following individuals. Speaker biographies are located here.

  • Robert Wright, Intel Corporation
  • Albert Tsang, Dell Corporation
  • Linda Young, Intel Corporation
  • Lauren Crane, Applied Materials
  • Mike Kitchen, Dow Chemical / Rohm and Haas
  • Sara Fry, Edwards

The moderators were:

  • Sanjay Baliga, SEMI
  • Dawn Speranza, SESHA


The original webcast was scheduled to last 90 minutes and the agenda is below. The actual webcast lasted two hours:

  • 5 Minutes – Welcome and Introductions
  • 20 Minutes – Overview of REACH Article 33 (Wright)
  • 10 Minutes – Implications to Consumer Product Manufacturers (Tsang)
  • 15 Minutes – Implications to Semiconductor Device Manufacturers (Young)
  • 10 Minutes – Implications to Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers (Crane)
  • 5 Minutes – Implications to Chemical Suppliers (Kitchen)
  • 5 Minutes – Implications to Components Suppliers (Fry)
  • 20 Minutes – Question and Answer Session

Presentation Materials

Presentation slides are attached below:

The Webcast was recorded and the electronic file is available for streaming as a Windows Media Player file:

If you would like to download this file to your Windows-based computer, please right click on the link above and “Save Target As…” to your computer hard drive.

More Information

Please contact Sanjay Baliga (SEMI), Laurie Beu (ISMI), or Shane Harte (ESIA) for more information.

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