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How SEMI High Tech U Programs Are Delivered

A Collaboration of Industry and Education Working Together

SEMI High Tech U programs are built on a formula that tightly integrates industry and the education community. Every High Tech U program partnership includes one or more company financial sponsors, a number of local secondary schools and an institution of higher learning. In addition to providing essential financial support, many sponsoring companies make their campuses available for High Tech U programs, encourage their employees to help teach the activities and assist with ongoing curriculum development.

Participation by the education community at the secondary school and college levels is equally important. The SEMI Foundation depends on local secondary schools to help recruit students for SEMI High Tech U. Universities offer instructors and students to enrich student's visits to higher learning institutions.

Higher learning partners — community colleges, technical schools and universities — also provide critical assistance in the areas of curriculum development. A number have microelectronics labs and open them up to students for tours and technology demonstrations.

Contributions from industry, higher education institutions and the many volunteers who participate in SEMI High Tech U, make our program possible.

General Partner Responsibilities

Industry and Higher Education Sponsors

The SEMI Foundation leads partner collaboration on all planning, preparation, on-site facilitation and media outreach to assure world-class event quality.

Industry sponsors provide financial support and actively participate in all activities at the program. They may provide the facility and employees that become trainers, interviewers and spokes people for their company.

Higher education sponsors provide faculty to help present curriculum, provide campus tours and activities and participate in college presentations.

For a more detailed description of Partner Responsibilities, download the SEMI Sponsorship Brochure.

Benefits of Sponsorship

SEMI High Tech U industry-education partnership has proven successful because it creates value for its partners. Sponsoring companies value participation in the program for a number of reasons.

  • Sponsoring supports corporate community service goals.
  • It is an effective way of working in communities to help develop local workforces.
  • It is a valuable networking opportunity to connect with industry customers and partners.
  • It is a way to support local secondary schools who are always stretched for resources.

Sponsorship Levels

The cost to deliver a SEMI High Tech U program to 36-40 students is $35,000. A breakdown of program costs are available in our sponsorship brochure. We encourage a number of companies to sponsor one program. This gives students exposure to more company experiences and creates less of a financial and resource burden on participating companies. There are many sponsorship levels to consider. All support is greatly appreciated.

There are several sponsorship options. These sponsorship options can be collaborative or stand alone, depending on the level of commitment your organization wishes to make. Although we ask sponsors to indicate their commitment one calendar year at a time, we encourage a three year commitment to help ensure growth and stability of the program. To find out more about sponsorship, please contact the SEMI Foundation at

Sponsorship GuideDownload complete SEMI Foundation corporate brochure (PDF) here >>