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Impressive Results of High Tech U

High Tech U Makes a Difference ~ Metrics Matter

Since its inception in 2002, SEMI High Tech U has reached over 3000 students and 600 teachers worldwide. Since 2008, approximately 600 students per year have gone through the program. SEMI HTU has licencees in the US, Europe and Japan who deliver the HTU programs in their communities. As a result of this expansion, the SEMI Foundation continues to reach more students each year.

Three Core Goals of SEMI High Tech U

  • To introduce students to the semiconductor and high tech industries. We do this by exposing them to industry professionals, an industry environment and focused hands-on activities relating to high tech.
  • To increase student's knowledge of the microelectronics industry.
  • Provide activities and experiences for students that motivate and build confidence
  • To increase knowledge of educational pathways to better prepare students for post-secondary academics.

We make a commitment to our sponsors to track students for five years after they attend the High Tech U program. We also commit to delivering reunion and reconnection/ ambassador activities in mature regions. Over the past years, we have tried many tracking methodologies. Our current survey instrument gives us excellent data that shows the impact of HTU on students.

Student Selection Criteria

Most students who are recruited for SEMI HTU have an interest in math and science or have the potential to do well in a STEM career. Teachers and councelors who recruit students are requested to identify these students. Our criteria for student selection is girls and boys ranging in age from 13-17 who have the potential to do well in a STEM career. Typically, students who come to our program have some thought of a career in technology and do not have enough information to formulate a road map for their future. After HTU, students have a new sense of confidence, a clear direction for their future and more knowledge about what classes to take in high school that will support future goals.

Impressive Statistics

Approximately 98% of HTU graduates go to college and community college. Upon entering HTU, many students do not know what they want or what they can do. Some know they want to go to college, others say they never considered that college was an option. While 76% of HTU students say their college plans did not change and they still will attend, the remainder of these students said their plans did change. Half of the undecided now want to go to college, and an additional 10% now want to pursue an engineering degree. 81% of HTU graduates that go to college pursue an engineering or STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) related career.


As mentioned above, we survey students at the program and after the program. We also survey teachers who have HTU graduate students in their classes. We find teacher evidence confirms what students are saying about their experience at HTU.

  • 94% of teachers surveyed report HTU had a positive influence on their students
  • 91% report a new found self-confidence in their students
  • 77% find HTU students show more interest in applying themselves in math and science courses
  • 71% notice that HTU has influenced an increased focus on education and career planning

Our current survey instrument now targets high school seniors that are soon to graduate. This reveals a lot of good and relevant information. Looking back over their high school years, students are able to tell us what level of impact HTU had on them.

  • 90% felt HTU helped motivate them in school
  • 79% strongly agreed, or agreed, that SEMI HTU helped gain a sense of self-confidence to try a new sport, join an after-school club and/or take difficult classes in school
  • 98% gained a better understanding of how math, science and technology are used to solve problems in the real world
  • 91% learned the value in working as a team
  • 91% were motivated by being in an industry setting

2011 HTU HS Senior Students Survey Results