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Ten Reasons Why Companies Believe in the Power of SEMI High-Tech U (section 3)



HTU introduces students to the semiconductor and other high-technology industries in a way that increases their knowledge and stimulates their interest. It's a unique program that connects students, their teachers, industry leaders, and higher learning institutions. By any measure, High Tech U has been a great success:

  • Student programs: Over 100 student programs have been presented in twelve states and five countries.

  • Teacher programs: Twenty teacher programs have also been delivered. These programs reinforce the concepts that students learn at High Tech U. In most cases, continuing education unit (CEU) credits are available.

  • Social media presence: To improve communication with students and provide forums for staying in touch, High Tech U has established a social media presence on FaceBook, YouTube, and LinkedIn

  • Geographic expansion: The SEMI Foundation expanded internationally, in 2010,presenting a High Tech U Student and Teacher Edition program sponsored by the Advanced Technology Investment Corporation (ATIC) in collaboration with GLOBAL FOUNDRIES, AMD and Applied Materials in Singapore. Participants came from Abu Dhabi, UAE.

To expand the reach of our High Tech U programs, we encourage sponsors to become licensees, taking responsibility for presenting programs with minimal assistance from Foundation staff. In 2010, Infineon, Soitec and STMicroelectronics were licensees, joining the Maricopa Advance Technology Education Center (MATEC).


One of the strengths of SEMI HTU is that it stays in touch with students, encouraging them to stay on the college math and science track. The Foundation schedules periodic alumni reunions to help continue the momentum of High Tech U. Alumni events include student networking opportunities and continuing education. The opportunity is also used to gather updates from students about their education plans, and obtain survey data that help track student progress.

At past reunions at SEMI headquarters, James Plummer, Dean of Engineering and Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, Rick Wallace, KLA-Tencor CEO and Art Zafiropoulo, Ultratech CEO, spoke to students.


Zafiropoulo welcomed the students, and Plummer discussed the 21st century attributes and skills that undergraduate students need to be successful in the engineering field, including creativity, good communication skills, global knowledge and experience, and an entrepreneurial outlook. Wallace stressed the inportance of setting goals and sticking to them.

At another reunion, High Tech U alumni toured the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. As part of the High Tech U program at Lam Research Corporation, students got the "inside scoop" about the college experience from HTU graduates and Lam scholarship recipients. During the summer, students can reconnect with the Foundation by volunteering as summer interns at SEMI headquarters and working at SEMICON West.

Through events and activities, High Tech U strives to engage with students for five years after their High Tech U graduation - typically their sophomore year in high school to sophomore year in college. This allows students to continue their relationship with SEMI and sponsoring companies long after the three-day High Tech U program. Reconnection opportunities include activities such as tours, conferences, education workshops, and internships, in addition to social media venues.

  1. Technology is the Future
  2. High Tech U is Effective
  3. “Ah Ha!” — Students “Make the Connection”
  4. HTU Offers Relevant Curriculum
  5. Impressive Accomplishments
  6. HTU Replicators Maximize Resource Use
  7. Staying in Touch is Key
  8. Educators Are Enthusiastic about SEMI High-Tech U
  9. HTU Aligns with Sponsors’ Community Outreach Goals
  10. HTU Sponsorship Base is Growing

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