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To identify and develop international environmental, health and safety (EH&S) standards fulfilling the technical needs of the semiconductor, flat panel display and other related industries. The Committee will focus on:.

  • Standards that promote safe and environmentally responsible design, selection, facilitization, operation, maintenance, service, decommissioning, and disposition of equipment/materials.
  • EHS issues related to the SEMI Standards Program.
  • EHS support for other technical committees and SEMI divisions.
  • Promoting and facilitating the use of SEMI EHS documents.
  • Supporting technical educational programs on EHS-related subjects.
  • Identify and consider non-SEMI documents as they relate to SEMI EHS documents.

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SEMI Enviromental, Health and Safety (EHS) Committee Activities

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Key Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

SEMI S1-0708E Safety Guideline for Equipment Safety Labels
SEMI S2-0712b Environmental, Health and Safety Guideline for Manufacturing Equipment
SEMI S3-1211 Safety Guideline for Process Liquid Heating Systems


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