ISS 2014 Abstract: Jon Casey, IBM

System Scaling Technologies and Opportunities for Future IT Workloads and Systems

Jon Casey
IBM Fellow

The IT industry is undergoing a major shift in technology, workloads and application requirements.  Key areas such as mobile devices, massive data with multiple formats and rapidly evolving growth market are all driving new IT markets and requirements. Overlay these shifts with the continuing and expanding challenges to maintain Moore's Law has resulted in an extremely challenging environment; but also an environment that is conducive to innovation and opportunities.

 In this presentation an overview will be provided as to the various issues facing the industry as well as several innovative technologies that are being pursued to address these challenges.    Key topics to be discussed will be novel Semiconductor-Packaging scaling technologies already in products and in development that will help address the challenges facing the industry.  Technologies such a 3Di, heterogeneous integration and novel semiconductor packaging solutions have shown promise as effective technologies relative to maintaining the traditional performance growth expectations the industry has enjoyed since the inception of Moore's Law.