ISS 2014 Abstract: Ivo Bolsens, Xilinx

Programmable Platforms-Essential to Leverage Further Logic Scaling

Sr. VP and CTO

 Today’s FPGAs have become Programmable SOC Platforms that integrate in one single  device multi-core CPU’s, programmable DSP functions, programmable IO and programmable logic, all immersed in a rich and configurable interconnect network that extends in 3 dimensions.  These programmable platforms  allow for the implementation of heterogeneous architectures that combine traditional CPU’s with application-specific processing cores and dedicated data transfer and storage functions. This is enabled by tools that guide designers during the partitioning and mapping of high-level specifications onto a combination of software running on embedded processors and hardware implemented in programmable logic.

These platforms are  well placed to continue to benefit from Moore’s law.  Advances in process scaling will be augmented with new circuit and architectural improvements along with innovations in system-in-package technology to solve IO challenges and integrate heterogeneous technologies. These innovations will allow designers to build higher performance and lower power systems that optimally exploit the benefits of a programmable  architecture