ISS 2014 CEO Panel

CEO Panel
Wednesday  January 15, 2014

Can We Afford Pervasive Computing? A Supply Chain Perspective …

Panel Abstract:

Pervasive Computing will continue to be the leading engine for future growth in the industry. A smart society demands feature rich, thin, and light form factors with low power consumption. The Internet of Everything demands a massive network and server structure all around it and up into the cloud. The semiconductor industry will make this vision possible by evolving silicon platforms that bring ever lower cost per transistor, lower power, and with greater app performance. This will come thanks to the continued scaling of Moore’s Law.  But at what cost?

The supply chain’s business model is increasingly strained by the rapid pace of technology. The challenge comes from the fact that while this pace remains unchanged, revenue growth in the supply chain has slowed. This comes at a time when cost pressures to develop new technologies, such as EUV and 450mm, are higher than ever. There is no doubt that this will be a challenge unlike any faced before by our industry. Still, our industry eats challenges for breakfast and will likely do it again. The only question is how to make it affordable?

This panel closes the conference by bringing together the industry’s top equipment and material leaders with a renowned semiconductor visionary to address these questions in terms of what companies must do.  They will address questions such as:

  • What growth do you believe your sector of the industry will need?
    • What customer signals would give you the confidence it might happen?
    • What is the cost of not meeting this growth? No 450mm? No EUV? Slower scaling?

  • What are we doing right and where are we erring or on the verge of erring?
    • What must we do to make sure to get it right?
  • How do you prioritize development for fragmenting market demands?
    • With the increased complexity of technology inflections, where should the focus be?  (Materials, device technology roadmaps, wafer size,  etc.
    • What shareholder value could be gained/lost from more vertical integration across the supply chain in light of the competing demands
    • How do you fund opportunities and measure success?
  • Does expanding into adjacent markets help, hurt, or does the semiconductor industry just have to pay its way?