ISS 2014 Abstract: Manish Bhatia, SanDisk

Pervasive Computing  --> Pervasive Storage

Manish Bhatia
SVP WW Operations

Globally today there are 10 billion devices connected to the internet and in 2020 this number is projected to increase five-fold to 50 billion. As computing moves beyond the PC to embedded technologies and everyday devices, the need for high performance and cost effective storage will continue to expand. Pervasive computing will not be able to reach its potential without pervasive storage. Storage will need to be more responsive, configurable, scalable, and reliable than ever before. Flash memory has the potential to be a disruptive force throughout all computing environments and applications. In this talk, we will discuss how pervasive computing will necessitate pervasive storage, how flash memory will disrupt current storage paradigms, and how SanDisk technologies and manufacturing capabilities are well positioned to solve many of the technology barriers and enable pervasive computing.