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Investing in semiconductor manufacturing

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2015 marks 50 years of Moore’s Law, the economic doctrine that required investment in research and innovation with the aim of creating smarter and cheaper semiconcoductors every 2 years approximately. The 9th SEMI Brussels Forum will celebrate the achievements that this fast-paced innovative industry has enabled and will discuss the future technologies and business opportunities presented by the Internet of Things. 

The SEMI Brussels Forum is the annual event joining up European decision-makers and the micro-/nano-electronics manufacturing supply chain to discuss the global competitiveness of the industry and how to reinforce Europe’s share of the global market. Since the publication of the EU 10/100/20 strategy, the event is an open forum to evaluate progress towards implementing the strategy and achieving Europe’s vision to recapture global market share.

Networking opportunities at the SEMI Brussels Forum

The SEMI Brussels Forum is addressed to:

  • Industry high-level management representatives
  • European Commission representatives working directly or indirectly on the issues of Competitiveness, Innovation, Technology and Energy
  • Members and staff of the European Parliament representing regions with critical semiconductor activity or manufacturing activities and/or active in relevant policy fields
  • National Government representatives and Permanent Representation offices
  • Regional representation offices in Brussels
  • High-level representatives from clusters with semiconductor and related technologies
  • Heads of Industrial and Regional associations
  • Editors from Industry, National and EU media
 Why are Semiconductors key for Europe's Industry?
  • 105 000 high-skilled jobs in Europe
  • World’s number 1 semiconductor equipment manufacturer (based on sales) [source]
  • 3rd most research and development intensive industry in Europe and worldwide
    (EU 2014 Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard)
  • Over 80% of companies are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • 23% of the global equipment market held by European-based companies
    (SEMI, September 2013 figures)
  • Almost 4 Billion US Dollars worth investment in semiconductor manufacturing Equipment expected in 2015 (SEMI Equipment Market Data Subscription, December 2014)

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 EU 10/100/20 Strategy

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