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Tuesday, September 22


Continental Breakfast / Registration

Breakfast Sponsor:  Cabot Microelectronics

8:30am-8:35amWelcome Remarks

Karen Savala
SEMI Americas


Eugene Karwacki- SMC
Opening Remarks

Eugene Karwacki
Director, Strategic Marketing and Collaborations 
Air Products and Chemicals

Co-Chair, SMC 2015 Committee
Opening Keynote 

Gary Patton, Ph.D.
Vice President 
Semiconductor Research & Development Center
IBM Microelectronics Division

9:20am-9:50amMark Thirsk Mark Thirsk (Biography)
Managing Partner
Linx Consulting
9:50am-10:20amNetworking Break - Sponsor:  KMG Chemicals
Session abstract - Market forces that drive demand for semiconductor process materials not only involves the influence / demand from chip fabricators, but also involves end use applications, largely influenced by consumer demand, locally and globally.  The first day of the Strategic Materials Conference will feature, the Economic and Market Trends Session.  Here, the semiconductor business environment will be presented from various vantage points - from the materials perspective through chip fabricator, to the global economic view point.  Information on materials and business trends for a broad range of semiconductor device technologies, and the driving forces behind these trends, will be presented in the form of four key presentations.  Market experts will present their findings on market trends in materials and semi equipment growth, semiconductor production demand, and end user applications.   In addition, a “street perspective” and global economic influences on the semi market will be presented, connecting the semiconductor market to Wall Street, and to the world. 
10:20am-10:25amBob Cates (Biography) - Session Moderator
Director, Business Strategy and Planning
Cabot Microelectronics
Shawn DuBravac, PhD, CFA (Biography)
Chief Economist and Director of Research
Consumer Electronics Association-- CEA

Mehdi Hosseini- SMC
Mehdi Hosseini (Biography)
Sr. Equity Research Analyst
Susquehanna International Group 
11:25am-11:55amDan Tracy- SMC
Dan Tracy (Biography)
Senior Director, Industry Research 
11:55am-12:25pmLita Shon-Roy Lita Shon-Roy (Biography)

New life for old technologies, and new capabilities from materials science.

The Electronics industry is rolling out a family of new devices and systems to support the Internet of Things. Critical to this vision is the interconnection of tens or hundreds of billions of systems that will supply information for analysis and action. Common examples of such systems are sensors measuring and reporting out data on our health, our cars, houses, cities, workplaces, and the global environment.

These devices will combine existing and novel capabilities such as new types of sensors, low-power operation, energy harvesting, and interconnectivity to mobile or fixed wire communications. Many of these devices will build off well-known technologies, but “More than Moore” integration will likely be necessary to fulfil the vision.

This session of SMC 2015 will review the process material requirements and device manufacturing implications of distributing IC-based devices to all aspects of our lives.

Lita Shon-Roy (Biography) - Session Moderator
2:05pm-2:35pm Devin MacKenzie (Biography)
Chief Technology Officer 
Imprint Energy

Networking Break - Sponsor: SACHEM 

Medtronic - Invited
Rich Ray (Biography)
Director, Electronic Materials' Advanced Metals & Polymers Business 

Speaker TBD
5:00pm-7:00pm Reception- Sponsor:   JX Nippon Mining and Metals

Wednesday, September 23

Session abstract:  In 2015, we stand at the threshold of an era that will be defined by ‘hyper-connectivity’. The relentless pursuit of ever-increasing functionality with ever-decreasing unit production costs have already enabled  the widespread adoption of cloud computing, digital inventory control and tracking, real-time feedback control of automated manufacturing operations, and has revolutionized the way that entertainment content is sold, consumed and archived. 

Though the first microprocessor was commercialized in 1971 (Intel 4004, 4-bit), Ethernet developed at Xerox a few years later (1973-1974), and the first automated mobile cellular network launched in 1979 (NTT), to a great extent computing was constrained to localized data access/transmission sites for nearly 20 years.  During this time, entire industries arose to feed the insatiable demand for information, and the processing of that information to improve productivity and quality-of-life. 

In retrospect, a major inflection point occurred in 1997 with standardization of the WiFi 802.11 wireless data protocol. The ‘Great Untethering’ of  data from wired infrastructure lead to an explosion in lightweight, high-powered, energy efficient portable computing and today we stand at the point where virtually every free human on the  planet will find it possible to be in contact with any other at essentially the speed of light. Though this capability remains a novelty to many, the children of today’s generations will grow up with this functionality as a given. This session of SMC2015 is structured to explore how this ubiquitous connectivity will enable new modes of work and leisure, healthcare and entertainment, production, distribution and consumption of the staples and ornaments of life. 

Where the previous sessions in this year’s conference included ways in which existing materials and manufacturing technologies may be ‘repurposed’ for new applications, the speakers in this session will highlight the new-to-the-world capabilities we foresee over the next 20 years, and some likely areas where materials science and technology will be essential parts of  tomorrow’s digital ecosystems.

7:30am-8:30amContinental Breakfast- Sponsor:

Bob Cates  - Session Moderator
Director, Business Strategy and Planning
Cabot Microelectronics

SMC 2015 Co-Chair

Atomic Layer Processing to Enable Advanced Patterning

Harmeet Singh, Ph.D. (Biography)
Corporate Vice President
Lam Research

Exploratory Materials Research –
The Foundation for the Extension of Moore’s Law

Florian Gstrein, Ph.D.  (Biography)
Technology Manufacturing Group
Components Research - EUV Lithography and Novel Materials
Intel Corporation


Materials Innovation for Cost Effective Lithography (Abstract)

Ralph Dammel (Biography)
Chief Technology Officer
EMD Performance Materials

10:05am-10:35amAndrew Grenville- CGMG
Andrew Grenville (Biography)
Chief Technology Officer
10:35am-11:00amNetworking Break- Sponsor:  EMD Performance Materials
SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING: Sustainability Considerations of Advanced Materials

Sanjay Baliga- SMC 2015

Welcome and Introduction

Sanjay Baliga  (Biography)
Director, Environment, Health and Safety Division

11:05am-11:35pmBob Leet- SMC 2015

Topic: Regulatory Impacts for Strategic Materials - Conflict Minerals and Fluorinated Substance Restrictions

Bob Leet  (Biography)
Materials EHS Engineer
Intel Corporation


Topic: Sustainable Manufacturing Considerations of Energetic Materials / III-V Compound Semiconductors

Nick Filipp, PhD.  (Biography)
Principal Consultant
Environmental and Occupational Risk Management (EORM) 


Topic: Regulatory, Technology and Supply Chain Requirements on Sustainability Manufacturing concerns for Strategic Materials

Sanjay Baliga  (Biography)
Director, EHS


Conclusions and Next Steps


The Advanced Interconnect Session of the 2015 Strategic Materials Conference will examine the challenges that await BEOL interconnects for scaling at 7nm and beyond. The need for new materials that meet conductivity and electrical permittivity requirements within the BEOL must be balanced against what can realistically be packaged and meet the operational performance in servers, mobile devices and other products that are incorporating advanced computational capabilities. Furthermore, because of the move to more intimate interconnectivity between the CPU, memory, sensors and output devices, rapid and reliable movement of information must also be addressed.  This session will address many of these issues from perspectives that range from what is being evaluated on today’s roadmaps, the pervasiveness of 3D interconnectivity, to out-of-the-box approaches such as optical computing and the adoption of graphene for wiring.

1:40pm-1:45pmJohn Smythe, PhD - Session Moderator
Advanced Technology Lead DMTS
Micron Technology
1:45pm-2:15pm Alternative Metals for Advanced Interconnects (Abstract)

Christoph Adelmann, PhD (
Principal Scientist, Thin Films
2:15pm-2:45pm Patrick Martin  Biography 
Head of Field Technology
Applied Materials


Copper Interconnect Scaling Challenges and Strategies (Abstract)

Greg Herdt, (Biography)
Principal Engineer
Micron Technology

3:15pm-3:40pm Networking Break:  EMD Performance Materials

The panel discussion “A View From the Fabs” will address the current and emerging trends for electronic materials from the perspective of the semiconductor and MEMS manufacturers focused on making devices that enable the growing “Internet of Things”. Participants on the panel will be asked to present a ten minute commentary on the issues related to materials these companies are facing in meeting the expectations of their customers, who are responsible for fabricating and marketing the devices used for example in such applications as smartphones, autos, appliances, wearable and security monitoring. Topics that are encouraged for discussion include new material needs, supply chain challenges, and how to build collaborative relationships that result in a win-win for both the device manufacturer and the supplier community.  Following the presentations will be a moderated Q&A session with the audience to further explore these topics as well as issues that may subsequently rise during the open dialogue.

3:40pm-3:45pmKurt Carlsen - Session Moderator
Director, Strategic Sourcing
Air Liquide Electronics
3:45pm-3:50pm Venu Menon, PhD  (Biography)
Vice President, Technology Development
Texas Instruments Inc.
3:50pm-3:55pmHans Stork, PhD  (Biography)
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
ON Semiconductor
3:50pm-3:55pm Gary Patton, Ph.D. 
Vice President 
Semiconductor Research & Development Center
IBM Microelectronics Division
3:55pm-4:00pm Samsung - Invited


Venu Menon, PhD, Texas Instruments Inc.

Hans Stork, PhD, ON Semiconductor

Gary Patton, PhD, IBM Microelectronics Division

Samsung - Invited


Closing Remarks
Maria Peterson
CGMG Chair

Agenda as of June 22, 2015. Subject to change.

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