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Inspiring Future Generations of Chip Industry Workers

The SEMI Foundation redesigned High Tech U to help meet the growing workforce demands of the microelectronics industry. The aim: Reach and inspire thousands of current K-12 students to pursue STEM educations and careers.

Join SEMI Foundation’s New Flash Mentoring Program to Help Grow and Diversify Chip Industry STEM Pipeline

The SEMI Foundation’s new flash mentoring program will scale SEMI Mentoring’s reach and drive authentic, organic connections between college students and professionals at SEMI member companies.

SEMI High Tech U Now Offers K-12 Classroom STEM Kits to Inspire Next-Generation Chip Workforce

A 2018 longitudinal study of SEMI's High Tech U participants showed the program’s deep influence: 82% of SEMI HTU graduates followed a path to higher education, 78% completed STEM degrees, and 70% reported that the program influenced their choice of field or career.

Through Her Eyes: High-School Student Creates Podcast to Expose Minority Students to Semiconductor Engineering

SEMI High Tech U (HTU) alumnus Oindree Chatterjee discusses why she created The STEM Corner podcast, available on Spotify, where she interviews professionals in the semiconductor industry.