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Privileges of Membership – Industry Organizations are Critical to Supporting Member and Semiconductor Ecosystem Growth

Industry associations serve a vital role in amplifying the collective voice of its members for much greater impact than individual companies going it alone.

Driving Smart City, Transportation and Global Communications Innovations Through Electromagnetic Simulation

System level electromagnetic (EM) simulation is becoming increasingly important in supporting the design of smart cities, next-generation transportation and global communications systems. CEMWorks' develops tools for electromagnetic field simulation that overcomes limitations in today’s solvers.

Driving Smart City, Transportation and Communications Innovations Through Electromagnetic Simulation

System level electromagnetic (EM) simulation is becoming an increasingly important technology needed to support the design of next-generation smart cities and transportation as well as global communications systems. CEMWorks is on the cutting edge of EM in-house simulation research.

It Will Take a Village to Solve Multiphysics

As an industry, we must collaborate because it’s going to take a village to solve Multiphysics, which in turn is the key to growth in 3D IC. No individual company can compete on every front.

Applying AI in Fab Technology Co-Optimization

Babak A. Taheri, Ph.D., the CEO of Silvaco, about the challenges of tuning and optimizing semiconductor manufacturing processes and how AI might be applied to reduce time and costs. Silvaco is a member of the ESD Alliance, a SEMI Technology Community.

Speeding the Path to Industry Standardization with Accellera

Accellera Systems Initiative is a standards organization well-regarded by the EDA ecosystem that’s also served by the ESD Alliance, a SEMI Technology Community. Lu Dai, Senior Director of Technical Standards at Qualcomm, has chaired the Accellera Board of Directors since 2017.

Zeroing in on EDA Tool Interoperability With Keysight EDA

The Keysight EDA tool suite includes system simulation, schematic entry, circuit simulation and layout, and device modeling.

Real Intent’s Prakash Narain on Chip Design and Verification’s ‘Shift-Left’ to Reduce Costs and Cycle Times

Dr. Prakash Narain, president and CEO of Real Intent and a member of the ESD Alliance Governing Council, recently offered insights on the vexing functional verification challenges that consume a significant portion of the chip design cycle.

IBS CEO Handel Jones on the Race to the Future of AI

Handel Jones, a well-known, longtime strategic analyst and commentator covering the semiconductor industry, authored the recently published book – When AI Rules The World: China, the U.S. and the Race to Control a Smart Planet. I spoke with Jones about the fascinating read.

Griffin Securities’ Jay Vleeschhouwer Offers Wall Street View of EDA Industry

Jay Vleeschhouwer, managing director of Griffin Securities, has followed the EDA industry as a leading financial analyst for 25 years and is a popular speaker at the annual Design Automation Conference. Vleeschhouwer discusses his DAC presentation The State of EDA: A View from Wall Street.