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Why Men Should Attend Women-Focused Events

The key to driving change is getting men involved in closing the gender gap and encouraging more equitable workplaces.

Chip Industry Fun Facts – Great Pyramid, Microscopic Devices, Eyeing the Roadway and Sand!

Did you know that a single semiconductor chip has as many transistors as all stones in the Great Pyramid of Giza? We invite SEMI members to share fun facts about the industry or their company. We’ll consider your tidbits for inclusion in future blog articles and or posting on social media.

Highlights: Building Chip Industry Workforce of the Future at SEMICON West 2023

At the SEMICON West 2023 Workforce Development pavilion, presenters and panelists from industry and academia offered students, recent graduates, veterans, and professionals re-entering the workforce or looking to change jobs with perspectives about how to land a job in the semiconductor sector.

Building the Workforce to Power the Semiconductor Revolution

The popular WFD Pavilion at SEMICON West will feature programming geared towards students and job seekers as well as industry professionals.

More Chip Jobs Coming to Ohio as University Students Eye Microelectronics Careers in the Heartland

More than 400 students from disciplines including electrical and computer engineering, materials science, physics, and business registered for the inaugural Semiconductor Day at Ohio State University.

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month – Diverse Voices in the Microelectronics Industry

Avellán Jaramillo identifies as Latina (she, her, ella). She interned at Applied Materials during the summer of 2022 and presented during SEMICON West 2022, is a Ph.D. candidate in Materials Science & Engineering at University of California, Berkeley. Read her journey in technology.

Girls in STEM to Women in Leadership

The theme of the 6th annual Women in Semiconductors (WiS) program, held in conjunction with ASMC 2022, was inclusion, mentorship, and networking. The presentations at this year’s program were authentic and personal, prompting honest dialogue and responses from attendees.

Veterans in Semiconductors – a Career Path for Success

Many SEMI members have long looked to the military as a rich source of talent, and many veterans and active reservists have been employed in the microelectronics sector for years. The April 2022 issue of GI Jobs featured an interview with West Point graduate and TEL President Larry Smith.

Pioneering Women in STEM – Picture an Engineer

While many pioneering women in STEM have made significant contributions to science and technology, they have not been given equal recognition for their work. Following is a short list of some of the many women who have been trailblazers in STEM and had an impact on the microelectronics industry.

SEMI VetWorks: A Guide to Growing Your Talent Pipeline by Recruiting Military Veterans and Active Reservists

As the microelectronics industry looks to fill job vacancies, and as we approach Veterans Day, it’s important to turn our attention to the many contributions of veterans and why hiring them is both the right thing to do and a sound business strategy.