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Podcast: Tracking Historic Fab Investments with SEMI Market Intelligence Team and 3D InCites

The SEMI Market Intelligence Team (MIT) recently shared insights on the record-breaking wafer fab investments tracked in the latest SEMI World Fab Forecast report during a podcast with 3D InCites.

Podcast: SEMICON West 2022 Highlights – Sustainability, Talent and Perspectives From New SEMI Americas President

With sustainability and workforce development two big themes at SEMICON West 2022, Françoise von Trapp of 3D InCites spoke with Ajit Manocha, SEMI President and CEO; Shari Liss, Executive Director of the SEMI Foundation; and Mousumi Bhat, Vice President of SEMI Sustainability Programs. Listen in.

Podcast Debut: SEMI Market Intelligence Team Discusses Semiconductor Equipment Outlook with 3D InCites

SEMI Market Intelligence Team (MIT) recently recorded the first podcast in a new series with 3D InCites that will provide semiconductor manufacturing updates across the wafer fab; equipment; materials; and assembly, packaging and test markets to help semiconductor companies with business decisions.

SEMICON Sprint to 2022: Back Onsite with 4 Events Over 7 Weeks

SEMICON Europa, SEMICON West, SEMICON Japan, & SEMICON Taiwan welcome back exhibitors and visitors to show floors starting in mid-November as four of SEMI’s seven flagship events gather visionaries and industry leaders to explore the latest semiconductor trends and innovations by the end of 2021.

Industry Expert Q&A –The Key to Chip Security: Trust and Verify! But How?

Even though microchips continue to get smarter, vital security gaps continue to be exposed through such hack attacks as Meltdown, Spectre, and in recent weeks, Plundervolt. Researchers continue to discover open doors in chip architectures for malicious players to steal increasingly sensitive data,...