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Podcast: Growth Ahead for Semiconductor Market – Insights at Industry Strategy Symposium 2024

With economic forces, semiconductor industry markets, and growth drivers key themes at ISS 2024 last month, Françoise von Trapp of 3D InCites caught up with members of the SEMI Market Intelligence Team for a podcast to drill down into semiconductor industry trends in 2024.

SEMICON West 2023 Podcasts: Overcoming Chip Industry Challenges and Pushing for Climate Equity

In the podcast, SEMI president and CEO Ajit Manocha discuses how the industry is addressing challenges to growth in the final episode of the SEMICON West podcast series featuring conversations with keynote and panel speakers, exhibitors and SEMI executives recorded before and at the event.

SEMICON West 2023 Podcast: Workforce Development Keynote Preview With SkyWater CEO Tom Sonderman

With technological advancements driving our digital era, the demand for semiconductors is skyrocketing. The chip industry is projected to reach unprecedented heights of around $1 trillion in annual revenue by 2030. However, amid this remarkable growth, a daunting challenge looms: the shortage of...

Podcast: SEMICON West 2023 Reimagined for a New Age of Chip Industry Opportunities

This year’s SEMICON West features a slew of new features that span keynote and conference programming, networking opportunities and even dining options.

Podcast: Corporate VCs Share Outlook for SEMI Startups for Semiconductor Sustainability Program

The startups program is part of the SEMI Sustainability Initiative, which brings together members from across the semiconductor value chain to find solutions to common sustainability issues and share best practices.

Podcast: Electronic System Design Market Update from ESD Alliance

Paul Cohen and Bob Smith of the Electronic System Design Alliance and SEMI senior director of product marketing David Ghodsizadeh joined Francoise von Trapp of 3D InCites for a podcast to discuss key takeaways from the Q4 2022 EDMD report.

Podcast: Insights Help Startups Prepare Applications for SEMI Sustainability Program – March 20 Deadline

With the March 13 submission deadline for applying to the SEMI Startups for Sustainability program fast approaching, SEMI encourages all startups, academics, and innovators with compelling ideas for advancing semiconductor industry sustainability to join this year’s program.

Podcast: Startups Court Funding to Develop Novel Chip Industry Solutions in SEMI Sustainability Program

In the podcast with host Francoise von Trapp of 3D InCites, James Amano, Senior Director of EHS and Sustainability at SEMI, sheds light on the Startups for Semiconductor Sustainability program. The podcast episode is the first of three in a series.

Podcast: Tracking the Chip Manufacturing Market at SEMI ISS 2023

To help member companies set their course for 2023, SEMI recently shared insights from its Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) and Semiconductor Manufacturing Monitor report during a podcast with 3D InCites.

Podcast: Tracking Historic Fab Investments with SEMI Market Intelligence Team and 3D InCites

The SEMI Market Intelligence Team (MIT) recently shared insights on the record-breaking wafer fab investments tracked in the latest SEMI World Fab Forecast report during a podcast with 3D InCites.