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November 14, 2022

How Veterans Complete and Elevate the Diverse, High-Impact EMD Electronics Workforce

It’s no secret that “the greatest asset of a company is its people.” – Jorge Paulo Lemann, businessman, investor 

For more than 350 years, EMD Electronics* employees have powered the global electronics industry with innovative, sustainable, high-quality products and services. We are strategic thinkers, curious minds and passionate team workers focused on workplace safety and customer satisfaction. These also are attributes found in veterans through their military education and careers.

The war for talent in the electronics industry and specifically the semiconductor market is ever-present, and companies are trying to attract the best talent in the industry and from adjacent fields of expertise. In order to create a healthy and high-performing workforce, a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is key.  


We aim to create and foster a diverse workforce for our global business. EMD Electronics is committed to meeting veterans where they are, and we support their transition from military life to civilian and professional life, providing a sense of community and leveraging their existing skills while helping them build new ones. Read what my colleagues had to say about our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and the advice they have for military veterans interested in joining a global company like EMD Electronics.

HSJeff White, Head of the Surface Solutions business unit and U.S. President of the Electronics business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, is one of many veterans in our organization and a proud ambassador for the talent we see in those with military careers.

“Veterans’ leadership, teamwork, and specialized skills extend beyond active time in service. As a veteran myself, I am proud to be part of an organization that values the diversity and impact that veterans bring to our teams at EMD Electronics,” White said.

As we aim to drive our global DE&I efforts to reach our 2030 ambitions, we make sure to represent the employee group of veterans in our DE&I decision boards. Daryle Condry, member of the Electronics DE&I Council and Megasys Regional Manager in our Delivery Systems & Services business, told me about his view on what core value military-trained employees bring to the business. 

“In the US military, you are with individuals from all over the United States and the world with different upbrings, beliefs and cultures,” Condry said. “But these differences do not matter when the most important thing is the unity of the team. Collaboration, reliability and trust in one another helped us get through any assignment or obstacle. EMD Electronics recognizes that attribute in veterans and veteran leaders. Regardless of a veteran leader’s background, hiring managers know that a good leader can fit in anywhere due to their discipline and team-first attitude. In the Delivery Systems & Services Megasys group, we look for veteran leaders to fill supervisor and manager roles. We are willing to invest the time to train them to the organization and profession.”

HSWhen asked about his personal experience in transitioning from military to civilian life, Condry said “I tried to find an organization that had the same kind of team-bonding, ownership of the mission and accomplishment of the job characteristics. EMD Electronic provided that. The EMD Electronics groups I have been in treated the employees like a family and a good military unit was the same way. Plus, there were other veterans in the groups that you could related to and that made me feel comfortable in the team.”

Making veterans feel comfortable and welcomed at EMD Electronics is one of the cornerstones of the employee resource group VISN – Veterans in Science Network. Their work spans building close relationships with people that have something in common and doing service for the communities we work in to mentoring and offering career advice and improving our company culture.

Michael Landadio, Regional Security Officer for Canada and the United States and Co-leader of VISN, reflected on the important work of the network.

HS“In our Veterans’ Employee Resource Group (ERG) we focus on community, career and culture, aiming to create a sense of belonging, collective learning and exchange,” Landadio said. “The network gives employees a voice to impact the company culture for the better while driving their individual development. At EMD Electronics, we continue to raise awareness for veterans’ strengths and skills and break biases around their experiences and mental health. Camaraderie and moral values, leadership as well as followship, administrative and technical skills are just a few of the key attributes we value most about our veterans and the career they had prior to transitioning to civilian life.”

On November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day by honoring the service and sacrifice of our veteran employees and showing appreciation for the diversity and value they bring to our workforce. Our relentless curiosity and passion for science and technology are fueling our purpose of advancing digital living. To join EMD Electronics and for information related to job opportunities, please visit Careers at EMD Electronics.

HSCaroline Dingeldey is Global DE&I Manager and Change Manager at the Electronics Business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany*. She can be reached via LinkedIn.

*The Electronics business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany operates as EMD Electronics in the U.S. and Canada.