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CAST Main Page | About CAST

CAST was formed in 2008 by semiconductor device makers and test industry suppliers to engage in and resolve common industry issues related to higher test equipment utilization, lower costs, and greater return on investment. In 2009, CAST became a SEMI Technology Community.  The founding supporters include Advantest, Amkor, Infineon, Intel, LTX-Credence, Qualcomm, Roos Instrutments, Teradyne, and Verigy.

To enhance members’ opportunities to succeed in developing flexible electronics products and technologies by:

  1. Promote pre-competitive collaboration with emphasis on manufacturing process cost, efficiency and yield improvements
  2. Research, develop and promote international standards that enable industry productivity improvement, including, enabling efficient and effective interoperability and accelerated development and deployment of test solutions
  3. Define and measure benchmark criteria for quantifyng end-user process efficiency and effectiveness, and identify opportunities to improve that efficiency via collaborative efforts.
  4. Act as a representative and an advocate for the members, with a focus on fostering a better understanding of their strategic value to the semiconductor industry
  5. Promoting collaboration within industry, academia and government to identify and resolve critical technical challenges;
  6. Managing technical programs for advancing flexible electronics from R&D to commercialization;
  7. Delivering information on applications, markets, and technologies;
  8. Creating networking and information exchange opportunities.

Interested in becoming a CAST Member?

Contact Paul Trio for more information at: