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Rich Interactive Test Database (RITdb)

  • Focus: Develop the next-generation format following STDF to allow more flexibility in data types and support for adaptive test.
    • RITdb enables a real-time streaming model that provides the ability to collect and monitor data/systems from sand to landfill
  • Rationale: While Standard Test Data Format (STDF) is widely used in the semiconductor industry, there is a need for more efficient and flexible format to manage “big test data.”

Tester Event Messaging for Semiconductor (TEMS)

  • Focus: Establish a vendor-neutral way to collect test cell data by standardizing ATE data messaging system based on industry-standard internet communication protocols between a test cell host and a server.
  • Rationale: Address surging demand for real-time data analysis, real-time ATE input and control of the test flow to improve test yield, throughput, efficiency, and product quality.

Chip ID & Traceability

  • Focus: develop a standardized approach for enabling traceable die-level identification (ID) throughout the IC manufacturing, test, and assembly processes to the point of use in the final system.
  • Rationale: Many product types representing significant volumes that do not provide ID traceability. Without component-level traceability, it is extremely difficult to analyze failures and drive corrective action

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