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MatWeb - SEMI-FlexTech's Flexible Electronics Materials Registry

Matweb webpage Screen capture

The SEMI-FlexTech technical community and MatWeb have created a database of over 4,000 (and counting) materials commonly used by the flexible, hybrid and printed electronics community. The database top categories are: barrier coating, ceramics, conductive material, dielectric material, metals, polymers, pure elements, semiconductor material, substrate material. Each category is sortable by search and useful filters which are unique to our industry sector.

Member companies are encouraged to add their products as applicable for free. Everyone is encouraged to use the database in their search for new materials and vendors. Try it today!

MatWeb is the leading online materials reference for engineers with over 115,000 materials in their searchable database. They are a comprehensive FREE resource that is consistently growing with over 5.3 million annual visitors, 540,000 registered users and 850 participating manufacturers. The database supports exports to CAD/FAE, COMSOL, SolidWorks, AutoDesk, ETBX, NEiWorks, ANSYS and SpaceClaim.

MatWeb created the SEMI-FlexTech Materials Registry to allow users to have enhanced access to faster and better solutions for their unique development challenges. Customized to flexible electronics from concept to manufacture, the SEMI-FlexTech Materials Registry will focus material selection for best-in-class products and foster material supplier-customer relationships.

Materials producers can help MatWeb expand and populate the SEMI-FlexTech Materials registry. By listing your material properties for your product lines, it insures that MatWeb users receive early exposure of your products. Learn more about how to include your technical data for FREE by contacting MatWeb.

Contact MatWeb at (540) 552-5300 ext. 2511 or fill out a request form online. 

Matweb webpage Screen capture