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FOA Recognition Awards

The Fab Owners Alliance (FOA) Recognition Awards honor and recognize companies and individual members who foster collaboration within the FOA. We thank the award recipients for their outstanding contribution to achieving manufacturing excellence.

Outstanding team leader: Recognition for a team leader who organizes regular team meetings, keeps the group engaged, facilitates discussions, plans relevant agenda for meetings.

Outstanding Device Maker: Recognition for a Device Maker member who sends a representative for every meeting, participates in discussions at meetings, has representation on several study teams.

Outstanding Solution Provider: Recognize Solution Provider members whose products and services bring about an increase in fab efficiencies.

Special Recognition Awards: Recognize individuals from member companies who go above and beyond the call of duty, have exceptional customer service, responsiveness, flexibility and are always ready to assist.


2020 Award Recipients

  • Outstanding team leader: David Yao, GLOBALFOUNDRIES. 
  • Outstanding Solution Provider member: Andrew Seward, TEL. 
  • Outstanding Solution Provider: Microtronic 
  • Outstanding Device Maker: SkyWater Technology Foundry 

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