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SEMI MSIG Hall of Fame

The MEMS & Sensors Industry Group created the Hall of Fame in 2011 to honor and appreciate those who have made a substantial and lasting impact on SEMI MSIG. The Hall of Fame is about thanking the leaders of this industry for inspiring in all of us that sense of mission, purpose, and dedication that drives this industry forward. We thank these inductees for their outstanding contribution to SEMI-MSIG.

Photo Gallery

Congratulations to the MSIG Hall of Fame inductees! Thank you for your outstanding contribution.

2022 Inductees

  • Petri Santala, Okmetic Inc
  • Steve Whalley

2021 Inductees​​​​​​

  • David Horsely, Chirp Micro (TDK Invensense)
  • Becky Oh, PNI Corp
  • John Chong, Jib Technologies

2020 Inductees

  • Allyson Hartzell, Philips
  • Evgeni Gousev, QUALCOMM
  • Karen Lightman, Carnegie Mellon University

2019 Inductees

  • Thomas Kenny, Richard W. Weiland Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs in the School of Engineering, Stanford University
  • Peter Hartwell, TDK Invensense

2018 Inductees

  • Yoshio Sekiguchi, Omron 
  • Michelle Bourke, Lam Research
  • Eric Pabo, EV Group

2017 Inductees

  • Raji Baskaran, Intel Corporation: Saffron Technology Group
  • Kevin Crofton, SPTS Technologies and Orbotech

2016 Inductees 

  • Dave Monk, NXP Semiconductors 
  • Jason Weigold, MEMStaff
  • Ken Foust, Intel Corporation

2015 Inductees

  • Mike Stanley, Freescale Semiconductor
  • Mary Ann Maher, SoftMEMS

2014 Inductees

  • David Kirsch, EV Group
  • Valerie Marty, HP 
  • Magnus Rimskog, Silex Microsystems

2013 Inductees

  • Alissa M. Fitzgerald, Ph.D., A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates, LLC
  • Michael Gaitan, Ph.D., National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 

2012 Inductees

  • Steven Dwyer, EV Group
  • Dr. Jim Knutti, Acuity Incorporated
  • Rob O'Reilly, Analog Devices

2011 Inductees

  • Cleo Cabuz, Ph.D., Honeywell and emeritus, Northrop Grumman
  • Kaigham Gabriel, Ph.D., DARPA/MTO
  • Mike Mignardi, Texas Instruments
  • Harvey C. Nathanson, Ph.D.