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October 19, 2022

MSIG Webinar on Piezoelectric pressure sensors

Learn how high-sensitivity, high dynamic range piezo dynamic force measurement sensors can be used to better measure strain during grinding, CMP, polishing, lamination, and electrical test. 


8:00 am - 9:00 am


Virtual, Online,
United States

MSIG Webinar on Piezoelectric pressure sensors

Semiconductor technology advancements and added device complexity put ever more stringent requirements on semiconductor manufacturing process monitor and control. Pressure exerted on devices during grinding, CMP, polishing, lamination, bonding, pick and place encapsulation, electrical testing, and packaging can cause failures that may not even be measurable using conventional sensors.

Currently chip test, monitoring and packaging process control is widely done via optical displacement sensors and electrical testing which do not adequately measure the pressure on devices. Without the ability to adequately monitor these processes, root cause failure identification is challenging and maintaining or improving process quality and yield are difficult.

In this webinar the piezoelectric sensor technology will be described and how it used to improve chip test, monitoring and packaging semiconductor processes.

Featured Speakers

Jim Macy Kistler
Jim Macy
Application Expert BU Advanced Manufacturing
Kistler Instrument Corp.
Robert Hillinger
Robert Hillinger
Kistler Instrument Corp.
Paul Carey, SEMI
Paul Carey