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SEMI Smart Manufacturing Initiative's global reach extends all over the world and enables our members to connect and collaborate on specific issues and challenges affecting different regions. We focus on important key topics and seek to find solutions that will benefit the entire industry.

Explore recent activities and join the working groups, standards committees, event speaker committees and task forces in your region! 

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Americas Chapter

Smart Manufacturing Workshop 2019

The Smart Manufacturing Guidelines Subcommittee is made up of subject matter experts from across the supply chain that is focused on smart manufacturing activities which are set to provide assistance throughout the industry. Some of these activities can include smart manufacturing maturity models, self-assessments, benchmarking, surveys, and possible skill mapping that is available today in contrast to what is needed in the future in relation to the evolution of smart manufacturing.


Join members in the Americas Chapter as they meet to discuss and build the content for all the smart manufacturing activities that take place during flagship show in the US. Members are directly involved in the speakers that present at the smart manufacturing forums and also have a say in the companies that participate in the Smart Manufacturing Pavilion at SEMICON West.

This committee plans the Global Smart Manufacturing Conference - an annual event with a global perspective with focused keynotes, case studies and tutorials, on the implementation of smart manufacturing across the industry.  Emphasis for 2020 is on the recent accelerations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the opportunities and impact on the electronic manufacturing supply chain.

This subcommittee is looking at the role specific fab topics have in relation to the development of smart manufacturing and the importance they will have in regards to how front-end wafer processing fabs continue to use smart manufacturing to improve their ROI and yield. Topics with related activities can include Go Green, Cybersecurity, Public / Private / Hybrid cloud guidance and others.

This subcommittee is focused on addressing smart manufacturing in automation technology, outsourced assembly & test, surface mount technology and printed circuit board & assembly. As demand increases for smart manufacturing in this segment of the supply chain, the group will look to baseline gaps and opportunities around topics such as inspection and traceability that could help in the evolution of smart manufacturing in backend electronics manufacturing. 

Smart Manufacturing Workshop 2019

China Chapter

SEMICON China Smart Manufacturing Tech Stage

More content coming soon!

Join members of the Smart Manufacturing committee in China to be a part of building all the smart manufacturing content that happens at one of the largest electronic manufacturing trade shows, SEMICON China

SEMICON China Smart Manufacturing Tech Stage

Europe Chapter

smart manufacturing European chapter

Be a part of the growing Smart Manufacturing European Chapter as the team puts together all the smart manufacturing activities that happen during SEMICON Europa. These activities leverage the event being co-located with Productronica and Electronica every year in Munich. 

The SEMI SMART Manufacturing Initiative is a global effort to promote awareness and interest about smart manufacturing and industry 4.0. Through their collaborative efforts, the members of the SEMI SMART Manufacturing Regional Chapters meet regularly, both virtually and in person, to facilitate discussions for solving challenges and issues that impact manufacturing.  

The webinar will provide an update on pressing critical topics derived from key players across the supply chain and is recommended to semiconductor professionals interested in the European smart manufacturing trends and market.

smart manufacturing European chapter

Japan Chapter

This Standards Committee is dedicated to improving the Flow Shop Type Manufacturing Line utilizing the SEMI A1 Horizontal Community and other related standards.  

SEMICON Japan has been a great place for companies from across different segments of the supply chain show smart manufacturing solutions that have impacted the industry throughout the year and what is to follow in the years to come. Come be part of the activity that centers on putting together all the smart manufacturing related content at SEMICON Japan. 

Korea Chapter

The Smart Manufacturing Korea Chapter discusses opportunities to expand collaboration and coordination on guideline development that will help work towards full smart manufacturing implementation.


The forum helps the industry to share their insights on the latest trends and emerging technologies in Smart Manufacturing areas such as IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. They will also illustrate the benefits of realizing “Smart Manufacturing” through the adoption of new methods, new systems, and new solutions.

Southeast Asia Chapter


Our mission is to harness Smart Manufacturing and Smart Data as a disruptive and enabling technology to provide real time information insights across supply chain.

The ever-growing SEMICON Southeast Asia show now has a full Smart Manufacturing Journey that is now part of the shows Smart Manufacturing Pavilion. Join the team to be a part of who is involved in telling the story of this Journey and how it will impact industries from across the supply chain.


Taiwan Chapter

SM Expo - SC Taiwan

This Task Force focuses on the ongoing efforts to protect the ever-growing use of data that the application of smart manufacturing requires throughout the electronic manufacturing supply chain. The Task Force plans to influence Standards efforts and drive action towards continued work to address the challenges that the convergence of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operations Technology) are presenting in the industry. 

Co-located with SEMICON Taiwan, SMART Manufacturing Expo is showcasing complete smart manufacturing solutions for a wide range of high-tech industries from semiconductor to touch panel, flat-panel display, and PCB. Focusing on the digital transformation of high-tech manufacturing, the Expo brings together solution providers, equipment makers, and critical chip-module makers that are driving smart manufacturing for high-tech industries, in order to help the microelectronics ecosystem speed up its implementation of smart, integrated, and innovative digital transformation solutions.


SM Expo - SC Taiwan

If you're interested in joining any of these groups, please email your request to and specify the region.