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SAN JOSE and MILPITAS, Calif. September 27, 2022 The Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium (AVCC), a global group of automotive and technology industry leaders cooperating on expediting the delivery of automated and assisted driving compute solutions, and SEMI, the global industry association that unites the entire electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, announced today an alliance to drive autonomous vehicle innovation. Per the terms of the agreement, leadership and members of the two organizations will work together to amplify their voices for greater reach, co-promote the development of technology standards, and offer recommendations for driving mass market adoption of autonomous vehicles.


The AVCC and SEMI collaboration will focus on the SEMI Global Automotive Advisory Council (GAAC), a global platform within the SEMI Smart Mobility initiative that engages member companies and industry stakeholders to build partnerships, address shared challenges, exchange information, and pursue new innovation and business opportunities. AVCC and SEMI both count auto manufacturers (OEMs), Tier 1 companies, semiconductor device makers, equipment and materials suppliers and other industry organizations as member companies.

With a shared interest in the future of the automotive industry and a focus on innovation, the AVCC and SEMI alliance will strengthen the technical work and marketing efforts of both organizations,” said Armando Pereira, President of AVCC. “We are thrilled to begin working with SEMI and its members.”

“The partnership with AVCC will bring new capabilities to SEMI members participating in our Smart Mobility initiative,” said Bettina Weiss, Chief of Staff and Corporate Strategy and Global Smart Mobility Lead at SEMI. “We look forward to bringing our ecosystems together to accelerate solutions for the autonomous vehicle market.”

“Each organization brings unique perspective and contributions to the table,” added Pereira. “Together, AVCC and SEMI will reach a larger and broader audience of automotive industry decision makers with their research, reports, recommendations and standards. We believe together we will ultimately transition autonomous vehicles from early-market innovation to an everyday part of our mobile lives.”

Highlights of the AVCC and SEMI alliance include:

  • Collaboration on the development of documents and a timeline to produce more incisive, comprehensive, and detailed work for the benefit of the organizations’ target communities
  • Cross-sharing of news, social media posts, communications, documents, reports, and other resources with members and audiences of both organizations
  • Opportunities to present at each other’s events and co-present at industry events
  • Cross-promoting, authoring, and publishing blogs and articles


About AVCC
The Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium (AVCC) is a global nonprofit group of automotive and technology industry leaders coming together to help accelerate mass production of safe and affordable vehicles with assisted driving and autonomous compute technology (SAE levels 1-5). This computing platform will be designed specifically to move today’s AV prototype systems to deployment at scale. The group collaborates to develop requirements for the compute platform architecture, its hardware requirements, and software APIs for each building block in autonomous vehicle systems.

About SEMI
SEMI® connects more than 2,500 member companies and 1.3 million professionals worldwide to advance the technology and business of electronics design and manufacturing. SEMI members are responsible for the innovations in materials, design, equipment, software, devices, and services that enable smarter, faster, more powerful, and more affordable electronic products. Electronic System Design Alliance (ESD Alliance), FlexTech, the Fab Owners Alliance (FOA), the MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) and SOI Consortium are SEMI Strategic Technology Communities. Visit, contact one of our worldwide offices, and connect with SEMI on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more.

Armando Pereira, President/ AVCC
+1 925.262.1024

Sarah LaLiberte, Marketing Committee Co-Chair/ AVCC
+1 978.502.8558

Michael Hall/SEMI
+1 408.943.7988