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Publication Date:

Publication Schedule:

Quarterly (Apr, Jul, Oct, Jan)

Principal Analysts:

Paul Cohen, SEMI

The Electronic Design Market Data Subscription provides timely quarterly data on revenue and headcount trends from EDA, Semiconductor IP and Service providers that enable semiconductor chip design. Since the report is based on actual data reported by companies in the design ecosystem, it is widely used as a measure of the industry’s performance and for identifying future opportunities.


Table of Contents

1. Tables Section

  • Total Revenue by Region
  • Services Revenue by Quarter
  • Category Revenue by Quarter

2. Charts Section

  • Total Category Revenue by Quarter
  • Total Revenue by Segment
  • Quarterly Revenue by Region

3. Reporting Companies

  • EDA
  • SIP
  • Employee Headcount
  • Notes



**Multi-user and Enterprise licenses must be purchased when more than 1 user accesses SEMI reports/databases**

Product Information


  • Features 4-year time span by quarter.
  • Quarterly data breakout by product category.
  • Quarterly data breakout by geographic regions - Americas, EMEA, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and India.
  • Historical data from 1996 to the current quarter presented via trend graphs.
  • Annual summary report summaries YoY growth rates covering a 5-year period.


  • Actual revenue data - not a forecast. Confidential data is collected and aggregated by an independent third-party financial firm.
  • Gain insight into industry trends across product categories and geographies.
  • Headcount data shows hiring trends across geographic areas.
  • Reliable primary source of data for strategic planning, project funding, and resource allocation.

Data in the Electronic Design Market Data Subscription is disclosed only to the independent financial firm of DMA Financial Services under the confines of a nondisclosure agreement. Individual company data shall not be made available to either the ESD Alliance nor any other third-party. Participating companies submit data on a quarterly basis through data collection sheets identified by a confidential code, as assigned and maintained by DMA Financial Services.

All participating companies manufacture or areOriginal Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of at least one of the EDA products defined by the Market Statistics Service. Information from Value Added Resellers (VAR), dealers, and distributors is not included.

Product Member Non-Member  
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