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World Fab Forecast

The World Fab Forecast report uses a bottom up approach based on the total investment needed for any project associated with front-end wafer processing facilities (fabs). Independent of origin, total investments needed for construction and equipment (new, in-house, or refurbished) are tracked, benchmarked with WWSEMS survey data, and the forecast is modeled for fab projects such as new fabs, expansions, or upgrades. The report is updated quarterly.

Equipment Market Data Subscription

SEMI bi-annual Total Semiconductor Equipment Sales Forecast - An OEM Perspective is based on inputs directly from both front-end and back-end original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), where we take year-to-date data and correlate it with equipment manufacturers' outlooks and use the quarterly World Fab Forecast to guide the Wafer Fab Equipment portion of the forecast. Forecasts are delivered in July and December each year.

SEMI Billings Report
Monthly global billings for North American-based semiconductor equipment manufacturers, including front-end and final manufacturing equipment. Delivered three weeks after the close of each month.

Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Market Statistics (WWSEMS) Report
A monthly report that offers global equipment billings for each market region (North America, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Europe, China and Rest of the World) and 22 equipment categories. Delivered six weeks after the close of each month.