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Do you have a question about SEMI Market Data? See the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at


Unfortunately, SEMI does not provide market share information due to customer NDAs and data collection report methodology.

Yes, the typical savings is between 30 - 40% per report and will be reflected in the shopping cart once you log in. Depending on where your company fits within the supply chain, this savings can pay for your annual SEMI membership.

By downloading SEMI Market Intelligence Team Market Reports, you agree to the terms of the Web Download Use license agreement.

Downloaded Market Research and Market Reports may not be copied, sold, leased, assigned, loaned, transferred, shared through an internal computer network or otherwise transferred or distributed.

A one-time purchase is defined as one (1) copy for one (1) user.

A Multi-user is more than one user.

A Corporate License allows anyone within the licensed organization to access the file.

If you are interested in copying and pasting from Market Research and Market Reports into purchase orders, manuals, presentations, etc., or copyright release permission on information provided in the SEMI Market Research and Market Report,

You may produce derivative works of the Files, provided that any such derivative works may only be used for your internal business purposes. If you want to publish such derivative works for external consumption, you must first contact SEMI for permission. SEMI will approve or deny such requests on a case-by-case basis in its sole and absolute discretion.  Without limiting the foregoing, such derivative works shall:

  • Not identify any specific company or fab data; and
  • Include the name of the report and publication date (Source: SEMI World Fab Forecast, Q4’21)  

For additional questions, please reach out to David Ghodsizadeh at


Yes, as long as you source data as coming from SEMI (e.g. SEMI World Fab Forecast, May 2019).



As long as a company runs a semiconductor fab then we classify it as a "Fab company".

The fab databases are released every quarter before the first week of the third month.

The World Fab Forecast covers 3 years of historical data plus a quarterly forecast for the upcoming year. The World Fab Watch covers quarterly fab data, but there is no forecast information.

FabView provides real time (24/7) data as opposed to the quarterly update in the World Fab Forecast.