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Publication Date:

Principal Analysts:

Inna Skvortsova, SEMI


Adobe® PDF (.pdf), Microsoft® Excel® file (.xls)
Market Data Photomask Report 2020

The Photomask Characterization Report provides an overview of the market as well as supplier, technology, and market trends.

The report is based on a supply-side market characterization of the photomask market. Seven regions of the world are covered in this summary including North America, Japan, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, China and Rest of World.

Market size estimates reflect the merchant and captive market, and excludes license, royalty, and equipment revenues.


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Product Information

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Background
  • Methodology
  • Overview
  • Semiconductor Market Trends
  • Supplier Trends
  • Technology Trends
  • Photomask Market Trends
  • Summary
  • Appendix A - Photomask and Reticle Questionnaire
  • Appendix B - Summary of Merchant Photomask Supplier Websites
  • Appendix C - Photomask Supplier Consolidation Flow Chart (1986-Current)
  • Appendix D - Partial Summary of Advanced Lithography Partnerships
  • Appendix E - List of Lithography-Related Press Releases and Partnerships

List of Figures/Tables

  • Figure 1 - Estimated Wafer Fabrication Materials Market
  • Figure 2 - Worldwide Semiconductor Sales
  • Figure 3 - Worldwide Quarterly Silicon Shipments
  • Figure 4 - Worldwide Billings for Semiconductor Equipment 
  • Figure 5 - Worldwide Annual Billings for Mask and Reticle Equipment
  • Figure 6 - Photomask Supplier Market Share
  • Figure 7 - Merchant Photomask Sales Trends by Geometry (N = 4)
  • Figure 8 - EUV Enabling Future Generation of Semiconductor Devices
  • Figure 9 - The Future of Device Scaling According to Imec
  • Figure 10 - Photomask Market by Region and Forecast  (USD$ Millions)


  • Table 1 - List of Photomask Suppliers Contacted for the Photomask Characterization
  • Table 2 - Summary of Photomask Suppliers Strategic Relationships
  • Table 3 - High Volume Leading-Edge Production by Device Manufacturer 
  • Table 4 - Regional Photomask Market and Forecast  (USD$ Millions)

Two methodologies were used in the development of this information. First, major suppliers were interviewed and contacted for the purpose of this analysis. A questionnaire, which summarizes all of the desired information, was developed and sent to all of the suppliers. Of the companies contacted, all responded directly to the survey questionnaire. In addition to the interviews, a comprehensive literature review, including company financial reports, was conducted. All of this information was analyzed and the findings are outlined in this report.


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