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Publication Date:

Publication Schedule:

Published Quarterly

Principal Analysts:

Christian Gregor Dieseldorff, SEMI
Chih-Wen Liu, SEMI


Microsoft® Excel® file (.xls)
World Fab Watch

The SEMI World Fab Watch report is a powerful and comprehensive database of 1500-plus fabs, R&D, and pilot-line fab locations worldwide. It provides an excellent snapshot of the last quarter of all worldwide front-end semiconductor fabs. The database includes front-end fabs and foundries such as TSMC, UMC, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Hua Hong, SMIC, Samsung, Intel, Toshiba, Micron, SK Hynix, PSMC, Texas Instruments, Renesas, STMicro, Sony, Fuji Electric, SMIC, NXP, Infineon, and many more. This Excel-formatted database in conveniently delivered electronically.

**Multi-user and Enterprise licenses must be purchased when more than 1 user accesses SEMI reports/databases**


Product Information


  • Quarterly updates (annual subscription only)
  • Searchable by fab, device manufacturer,  region, wafer size
  • Fab-specific details include fab type, start year, equipment spending, capacity ramp, fab comment and change made


  • Access to the leading industry benchmark for fab data
  • Latest market and technology trends and analysis
  • Rich and timely content with verified and validated data for investment and business planning 


Content (Tabs of Spreadsheet)


Summary of Records

Summary of Current Fabs

Summary of Future Fabs

Summary of Changes

Company Detail/Database

New Records

Summary of New Fab Costs

New Fab Cost Graph

Future Fabs

Summary of Future Fabs 

300mm Fabs, Summary and Graphs

Future Foundry

Summary of Future Foundry Capacity

Foundry Graphical Analysis


Methodology & Scope









Fields in Company Detail Tab:


Ownership-Short Name

Address/Phone/Fax/City/ State



Fab Name

Clean Room Class/Clean Room Sq. Feet







Fab History

Total Cost

Joint Venture Partner

Equipment Cost

Construction Cost

Architect and Engineering

Construction Management

Date of Last Update

Change Made

New Record

Probability Number


Wafer Size



The information for the fab reports and forecasts is compiled from various sources in the industry including publicly available information such as capital spending plans, fab plans, ramp schedules, and technology roadmaps.

Source data are verified across an extensive network of industry contacts. These data are used in modeling for each company and facility, incorporating various economic indicators and best educated estimates.

The report uses a bottom-up approach, tracking projects per cleanroom facility but uses also a top down analysis by company, region, and industry segment.

Content details include capital expenditure for construction and equipment, capacities, technologies used, product types, and wafer sizes.


Product Member Non-Member  
World Fab Watch - 1 user, One Time Purchase $2,400 $4,000 Buy Now
World Fab Watch - 1 user, Subscription $3,650 $5,750 Buy Now

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