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SEMI Standards provides educational programs to help users understand how to use and the scope of SEMI Standards.  They range from webinars to workshop-style to formal Standard Technical Education Programs - or STEP.  Of course, the best way to understand the standard is to get involved in creating it via the SEMI International Standards program.

Webinars available 24/7

SEMI C79, C93, F63 and F104 -  Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemicals Quality Control
SEMI E10, E79, E58 and E116 - Equipment performance-related metrics 
SEMI Standards for MEMS & Sensors 
SEMI F47 Overview & Workshop - Workshop Recording
SEMI MS14: Critical Parameters of Gas Sensors for Emerging Applications - On-Demand

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Are you a Standards Program member and would like to present a webinar on a standard?  Contact your SEMI Standards staff member and see how you can contribute.


A Standards Technical Education Program (STEP) is a half-day or full-day seminar focused on one or several SEMI International Standards. STEPs are held worldwide and are often scheduled in conjunction with SEMICON events around the world.

SEMI produces STEPs to communicate information about newly published or revised standards, or critical documents under development, that are expected to have a profound impact on industry operations. It is common for members of the originating standards task force to serve as presenters.

Attending a STEP or workshop will give you the opportunity to learn more about the application of a critical new standard which impacts your manufacturing site or affects your supplier-customer relationships. This technical education program will teach you how to implement new technical information into your everyday fab operations, which may help you and your company to improve your product and processes considerably.

Program Schedules

STEP programs are always listed on the SEMI Events Calendar.

Missed a STEP or Workshop? Get the Proceedings!

The proceedings from SEMI STEPs and workshops (2009-2004) contain the presentation materials used by the instructor and information about the standards covered. The materials provide insights into the intent and application of the standard that may not be clear from just studying the standard itself. The proceedings also include the contact information for each presenter and purchasers are encourage to contact them directly to obtain more information.  Follow this link to the available proceedings.

Contact any SEMI Standards Staff member with questions, suggestions or program ideas. All SEMI Standards Staff can be found on our Standards Contact Information page.