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SEMI Talent Forum 2024 Connects Chip Industry With Students and Young Professionals

Industry leaders gathered at the SEMI Talent Forum 2024 to promote their companies and products to the next generation of industry talent, highlighting innovation, sustainability, diversity, and the omnipresence of semiconductors in our daily lives.

The Evolving Global Landscape: Plotting the Future of Europe’s Semiconductor Industry at SEMI ISS Europe 2024

In the global environment for semiconductor businesses, uncertainty prevails, and the geopolitical scene is becoming more fractured. This outlook underlay the discussions at the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium Europe (ISS Europe) 2024 hosted in Vienna (March 7-8, 2024).

Invest in Pomerania Aims to Expand Europe's Semiconductor Manufacturing in Northern Poland

Invest in Pomerania initiatives, coordinated by the Pomeranian Development Agency, are key in representing the interests of Pomeranian Voivodeship, focusing on promoting the region’s technological prowess to the global semiconductor market.

Data-Driven Strategies Enabling Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

In this interview, Christine Pelissier, General Manager EMEA Semi Customer Centre at Edwards Vacuum, explores how data-driven approaches are shaping the future of inclusive workplaces.

Building the Pipeline – KLA’s Quest to Attract Top Talent

Ahead of his presentation at SEMICON Europa, Dan Collins, General Manager of the SPTS Division at KLA Corporation, shares insights on the innovative approaches and practices that KLA has adopted to attract, nurture, and retain a diverse talent pool, while fostering workplace inclusivity.

Key SEMI Europe Successes in First Half of 2023: EU Chips Act, Talent, PFAS and F Gases, EU Ambition, ISS Europe

SEMI Europe's ongoing collaboration with key European industry players and governmental authorities on legislation such as the European Chips Act and critical topics including workforce diversity, sustainability, and supply chain resilience are crucial to the region’s future technological strength.

EU Climate Law and EU Chips Act: The Potential Impact of Proposed F-Gas Regulation on Europe’s Semiconductor Industry Growth Strategy

To support Europe’s industrial growth, SEMI Europe published a position paper with key recommendations on the proposed Kigali amendment to the Montreal Protocol to achieve the legally binding Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets set by the 2021 European Climate Law [Regulation (EU) 2021/1119].

Celebrating SEMI Members Reaching New Milestones in Q4 2022

Each quarter SEMI recognizes the longstanding commitment and support of member companies as they reach a new membership milestone.

Collaboration Key to Fueling Sustainable Chip Industry Growth to Over $1 Trillion by 2030: SEMICON Europa 2022 Highlights

SEMICON Europa 2022 (Munich, 15-17 November) attendees gathered at the Executive Forum for the Opening Ceremony on day one to hear from industry leaders and gain insights into the latest market and technology trends.

Insights from Industry Strategy Symposium Europe 2022

ISS Europe 2022 featured a new program and event format with industry insights and strategic topics condensed into one day of programming on 3 critical challenges facing the microelectronics industry: the energy crisis and sustainability, supply chain disruptions, and the talent pipeline shortage.