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Boosting Electronics Supply Chain Agility With Digital Twins

Digital twin technology enables supply chain managers to create a virtual model of their operations, allowing them to simulate various scenarios and optimize their processes, leading to improved efficiency, resilience, and cost savings.

Faces of the Future: Documentary on Microelectronics Careers Debuts on Public Television

The journey of the three twentysomethings was chronicled in Chip In, a new documentary from Roadtrip Nation, a nonprofit that supports road trips to capture empowering stories that help students find careers. Chip In was made possible by the SEMI Foundation.

SEMICON West 2022 Hybrid – Workforce Development Pavilion Highlights

The Workforce Development Pavilion (WFD) returned to SEMICON West 2022 Hybrid with three days of programming and activities to address workforce development challenges and share opportunities for job seekers, students, recent graduates, talent recruiters and human resources professionals.

Insights from Industry Strategy Symposium Europe 2022

ISS Europe 2022 featured a new program and event format with industry insights and strategic topics condensed into one day of programming on 3 critical challenges facing the microelectronics industry: the energy crisis and sustainability, supply chain disruptions, and the talent pipeline shortage.

Girls in STEM to Women in Leadership

The theme of the 6th annual Women in Semiconductors (WiS) program, held in conjunction with ASMC 2022, was inclusion, mentorship, and networking. The presentations at this year’s program were authentic and personal, prompting honest dialogue and responses from attendees.

SEMICON Japan Leaders: Industrywide Ecosystem Synergy Key to Advancing Digital Transformation

For the semiconductor industry to flourish, all chip ecosystems must embrace closer ties, greater openness, and more flexibility to co-innovate solutions in today’s rapidly unfolding global digital transformation.

SEMICON Sprint to 2022: Innovation, Sustainability, and Collaboration Highlights from SEMICON Europa Executive Forum

More than 4,000 participants convened in person at the four-day SEMICON Europa Expo in Munich, November 16-19. Attendees gathered at the Executive Forum for insights into the latest trends in the semiconductor industry and heartily welcomed the long-awaited return to in-person networking.

SEMICON Sprint to 2022: Back Onsite with 4 Events Over 7 Weeks

SEMICON Europa, SEMICON West, SEMICON Japan, & SEMICON Taiwan welcome back exhibitors and visitors to show floors starting in mid-November as four of SEMI’s seven flagship events gather visionaries and industry leaders to explore the latest semiconductor trends and innovations by the end of 2021.

SEMI VetWorks: A Guide to Growing Your Talent Pipeline by Recruiting Military Veterans and Active Reservists

As the microelectronics industry looks to fill job vacancies, and as we approach Veterans Day, it’s important to turn our attention to the many contributions of veterans and why hiring them is both the right thing to do and a sound business strategy.

Big Chip Industry Players to Team with Startups to Advance Semiconductor Manufacturing Sustainability

The semiconductor industry – recognizing its own fabs can do much more to reduce their carbon footprint – is in a position to help turn the tide on rising temperatures worldwide and more chip companies are launching sustainability initiatives to contribute to the cause.