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SEMI University Reaches Milestones in First 6 Months as Worldwide Interest, Enrollments Grow

SEMI U has grown to offer more than 525 courses tailored to advancing the semiconductor industry. The platform now features 75 courses in Japanese, 90 in Chinese, and 23 in Korean, with the rest in English.

Celebrating Companies Observing SEMI Membership Milestones in Q2 2023

Each quarter SEMI recognizes the longstanding commitment and support of member companies as they reach a new membership milestone.

New Plasma Power Technologies for Next-Gen Semiconductor Manufacturing

To support the drive forward to new manufacturing innovations, next-generation power delivery technology must widen the ability to innovate ever more complex processes.

CHIPS Research and Development Standards Summit to Launch Effort to Speed Chip Innovation

The inaugural CHIPS Research and Development (R&D) Standards Summit will bring together thought leaders from industry and academia across the globe to help shape the future and drive innovation of semiconductor and microelectronics standards.

Chip Industry Fun Facts – Great Pyramid, Microscopic Devices, Eyeing the Roadway and Sand!

Did you know that a single semiconductor chip has as many transistors as all stones in the Great Pyramid of Giza? We invite SEMI members to share fun facts about the industry or their company. We’ll consider your tidbits for inclusion in future blog articles and or posting on social media.

SEMICON West 2023 Highlights: Video Interview and Post-Show Report

The excitement at SEMICON West was palpable and the turnout reflected the charged atmosphere: attendance at the event jumped 37% from the previous year, as Joe Stockunas, President of SEMI Americas, pointed out in a wrap-up video interview with Silicon Semiconductor editor Phil Alsop.

Balancing Chip Industry Growth and Environmental Sustainability – SEMICON West 2023 Panel Discussion

At SEMICON West 2023, experts discussed the growing legal and regulatory risks facing the semiconductor industry and how to navigate those risks through the pursuit of sustainability strategies and broader industry collaboration on policy development.

New SEMI Technology Community to Help Drive Advanced Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration Innovation

To help the semiconductor industry keep pace with increasing chip performance and cost demands, SEMI has formed the Advanced Packaging Heterogeneous Integration (APHI) Technology Community as part of our longstanding support of advanced packaging innovation through events and standards development. 

SEMICON West 2023 Podcasts: Overcoming Chip Industry Challenges and Pushing for Climate Equity

In the podcast, SEMI president and CEO Ajit Manocha discuses how the industry is addressing challenges to growth in the final episode of the SEMICON West podcast series featuring conversations with keynote and panel speakers, exhibitors and SEMI executives recorded before and at the event.

Podcast: Taking Aim at Electronics Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions at SEMICON West 2023

In the latest episode of the SEMICON West 2023 podcast series, Francoise von Trapp of 3D InCites spoke with Weiss and Bindiya Vikal, CEO and Founder of Resilinc and one of the panelists, about how to navigate the complexities of the semiconductor supply chain.