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Comet Yxlon: The Future of Advanced Packaging is X-Ray

SEMI spoke with Christian Driller, Vice President of Research and Development at Comet Yxlon, about opportunities to accelerate time-to-market and increase yield for advanced packaging manufacturers through x-ray inspection.

FLEX 2022 Highlights Additive Techniques for Flexible Hybrid Electronics Packaging and Integration with Human Body

Focusing on applications that help assist movement in people with neuromotor disorders & aging muscle, Georgia Tech is developing a flexible system that uses sensory feedback through EMG to assess muscle and motor neuron health and augments strength through pneumatically actuated artificial muscle.

Atomic Layer Deposition Expected to Grow to Meet Demand for More-than-Moore Devices and Applications

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) players are poised to seize a new growth opportunity after the chip shortage pushed manufacturers to announce fab capacity expansions worldwide. Driven by the wafer production volume increase, ALD solutions are now expected to grow and enter the MtM devices market.

Innovative MEMS and Sensors Solutions for New Products and Processing Unveiled at MSTC 2022

The latest MEMS and sensors advancements in markets ranging from displays to biotech and in key areas of manufacturing including sensor devices and fabrication came into sharp focus at the 2022 MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress (MSTC) in late April as 120+ industry experts gathered in Berkeley, CA.

Conquering 2.5D and 3D Chip Design Challenges with Monozukuri

Anna Fontanelli, Monozukuri’s founder and CEO, is an expert in deep-submicron silicon technology and design tools shares her view on the state of Moore’s Law and challenges surrounding 2.5D integration, 3D chip stacking & advanced packaging, as well as the chip design industry’s startup environment.

Paying Tribute to the Semiconductor Industry

As we pass the work-from-home one-year mark, most of us still work remotely and will do so for the foreseeable future. As live trade shows and technical conferences were cancelled one after the other, virtual events became the norm. And, teleconferencing became a way of life. While possibly...

Industry Giants TSMC and Intel Vow to Focus on 3D IC Packaging

Post-Conference Report: SEMI Heterogeneous Integration SummitDemand for high-performance computing (HPC) chips is exploding. These super-speedy chips are critical for data centers and cloud computing infrastructures to support new performance-hungry technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI)...

Multi-Sensor Metrology Tools for Hybrid Metrology

SEMI spoke with Thomas Fries, founder and CEO of FRT GmbH, about how hybrid metrology is shaping multi-sensor metrology tools to enhance measurement precision as the industry moves away from a single-sensor approach.Fries offered his views ahead of the SEMI MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit, 25 to...

How will Graphene, the 2D Wonder Material, Change the Semiconductor Industry?

Materials innovation has always been vital to the semiconductor industry. In the past, it was high-κ gate dielectrics. Today, Cobalt is seen as a replacement for Tungsten in middle-of-line (MOL) contacts.What materials innovation will the future bring?A likely answer is Graphene, the wonder...