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MEMS & Sensors Market Forecast: Impact of Semiconductor Industry Slowdown

MSTC 2023 will open with Nora Houlihan, senior research analyst for MEMS & Sensors with Omdia, providing a 2023 market update and a look at what’s ahead.

Unleashing the Potential of Compound Semiconductors: Industry Leaders Collaborate at SEMICON Taiwan 2022 to Create Ecosystem

Leading experts gathered at the Power and Opto Semiconductor Forum at SEMICON Taiwan 2022 last year to discuss the growing importance of the devices in semiconductor innovation as the chip industry works to develop a robust compound semiconductor ecosystem.

Deeper Collaboration Key to Continuing Semiconductor Innovation, Zero Defects for Automotive Industry

Antoine Amade, VP of sales for the Microcontamination Control division at Entegris, discusses innovation opportunities for semiconductor technologies entering the automotive domain, views on design and process engineering, and collaboration between the semiconductor and automotive industries.

3D-IC: Great Opportunities, Great Challenges

Electronic designers demand greater integration densities and faster data transfer rates to meet the growing performance requirements of AI/ML, 5G/6G networks and autonomous vehicles as these technologies have outpaced the capabilities of any single chip.

AEM Test and Handling Solutions Help Power Advanced Computing, 5G, AI Innovation

AEM Holdings Ltd, a Singapore-based multinational corporation, is listed in Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion 2019 and 2020 spotlighting small and midsized companies in the Asia-Pacific region with sales under $1 billion. AEM clinched the Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Award...

Urban Air Mobility: Honeywell Aerospace Works to Give Flight to Taxis

While flying cars have been a science fiction mainstay for decades, new sensors, software and other technology put personal air travel vehicles within reach. MEMS and Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) interviewed Dr. Alberto Speranzon, Fellow at Honeywell Aerospace Advanced Technology, about his...

What’s Driving Changes in MEMS Sensors for Automotive?

The automotive industry is changing. Our vehicles are getting electrified, connected and automated. As this trend is accelerating, it’s having an impact on how semiconductor devices, including MEMS sensors, are designed and qualified for automotive. As automotive semiconductor designers carefully...

SEMI Smart Mobility Lead Weighs in on Chip Shortage

In my role as lead for the Smart Mobility initiative at SEMI, I recently spoke with Automotive Logistics Magazine about the growing importance of the semiconductor supply chain’s connection with the automotive industry and the semiconductor shortage hampering global automotive production. Following...

AVs: Sense the Need for Supply Chain Collaboration?

Call it a wild guess, but I suspect I am not the only follower of the automotive industry who is tired of reading articles that lament the impact of Covid-19 and speculate, to varying degrees of accuracy, what kind of recovery is in store for major automotive markets around the world.I’m much more...

The Tech Inside the Magic: A Top Disney Engineer Keynotes at Virtual MSEC 2020

At the 1964 New York World’s Fair, Walt Disney and his team of Imagineers debuted Audio-Animatronics® in four attractions, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, General Electric Carousel of Progress, Ford Magic Skyway, and it’s a small world. As “a new type of animation” that Walt said was “so lifelike...